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   07 OUT 98 - 11:16

Guinea-Bissau: Delegation of ''military council'' to return on Thursday

Bissau, Oct. 7 (Lusa) - A delegation of Guinea-Bissau's rebellious ''military council'' that took part in peace talks in Abidjan last month is scheduled to return home on Thursday, the French ambassador to Guinea-Bissau said on Tuesday.

Ambassador Francois Chappellet said the delegation would return to Guinea-Bissau aboard to French helicopters. The delegation has been stranded in Banjul since last month.

The ambassador described the operation as a ''good solution.'' In a related development, the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries has proposed to the Economic Community of West African States that a new round of talks on the situation in Guinea-Bissau be held in Cape Verde on 13-15 October.-Lusa

06 OUT 98 - 11:53

Guinea-Bissau: Rebellious "military council"accepts proposal for return of its delegation

Bissau, Oct 6 (Lusa) - Guinea-Bissau'rebellious "military council"has accepted a proposal that will allow its delegation of negotiators to return home after peace talks in Abidjan last month. Under the proposal, the delegation will return to Guinea-Bisaau aboard a french aircraft that is scheduled to land in an area controlled by the government of Guinea-Bissau.

The proposal has been broked by France, Portugal and Sweden. Diplomats from the three countries will accompany the delegation of the rebellious "military council" on their return flight to Guinea-Bissau.-Lusa

02 OUT 98 - 12:44

Guinea-Bissau: Health Minister Appeals for Emergency Medical Supplies

Bissau, Oct. 2 (Lusa) - Health Minister Brandao Co appealed to the international community Thursday for emergency medical aid, especially for anti-malaria and anti-diarrhea medicines. Speaking to aid groups, Co described the health situation in Guinea-Bissau as generally "good," but added that the central medical depot had been destroyed in recent fighting, leaving the country short of medical supplies.

The West African nation of about 1 million people, especially the area around the capital, has been heavily battered since much of the military revolted against President Nino Vieira's government in June. - Lusa

01 OUT 98 - 13:58

Guinea-Bissau: Stranded Rebel Negotiators Prepare Return Home

Lisbon, Oct. 1 (Lusa) - Guinea-Bissau's rebel negotiating team expects to return home Friday, after being stranded for nearly two weeks in Gambia, one of the negotiators told Lusa Thursday. Contacted by telephone in Banjul, Col. Emilio Costa said initiatives by France and Gambia had obtained overflight authorization from Senegal and Bissau, allowing the negotiating team to fly to areas under rebel control in Guinea-Bissau.

Costa said the rebel Military Junta, which revolted against President Nino Vieira in June, was "ready to participate" in a new round of peace talks.

"Unfortunately" no date or venue for the talks have been set, he added.

The impasse in the negotiating team's return home came after they issued a 48-hour ultimatum Tuesday, threatening to refuse a mediating role for the Economic Community of West African States. The team had been stranded in Banjul since arriving there after the last round of peace negotiations in Ivory Coast Sept. 18. - Lusa


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