Mon, Sept 8, 2003:

"Meltdown": TNT (8/7c) AM

Tues, Sept 9, 2003:

"Corn Man A Comin'": TNT (8/7c) AM

Wed, Sept 10, 2003:

"The Inner Sense - Part I": TNT (8/7c) AM

Thurs, Sept 11, 2003:

"The Inner Sense - Part II": TNT (8/7c) AM

Until one day, their Pretender ran away...

The Pretender, the Saturday-night NBC drama that ran from 1996 - 2000, is about a man named Jarod who kidnapped very young and was raised his whole life in a place called The Centre, a think-tank facility located in Blue Cove, Maryland. Jarod, a Pretender, or genius who has the ability to "become anyone he wants to be," anybody from a fireman to a teacher, broke out of the Centre and has been on the run every since, searching for his family and his past.

Jarod is on the run, being pursued by the Centre, and In his travels Jarod has been avenging the victimized, assuming many different identities and occupations to suit his quest. On his tail are a psychologist, Sydney, a computer geek, Broots, and Miss Parker, a tough-as-nails woman with a past just as cloudy as Jarod's.