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I was referred to Pride Staff, interviewed with the manager and sent out on a 3-week assignment. I should have been suspicious of the manager's professionalism when, during the interview, she took a call from a sick employee and came back into my interview room and began talking trash about the person, complaining as if being sick was unacceptable.

Anyway, I was happy to accept the temp assignment because the pay was decent and the work sounded challenging. Upon completing the first day (which fell on a Friday), I was sorely disappointed because, rather than doing the work I was told I'd be doing, I was a receptionist/general office assistant! Needless to say, there was a great discrepancy between the job description and the actual work I was doing - something I have experienced before in temp jobs.

I called the Pride Staff manager immediately and explained to her my disappointment in the work and told her that future assignments would have to be a better. At that point, she asked if I was "abandoning the position." I told her that, since I committed to doing the work, I would complete the assignment if she could not replace me with someone who was interested in doing reception work, which I previously conveyed to her that I was not interested in and overqualified for. Now, she lost her temper and began scolding me like an unruly school child!

She proceeded to inform me in a snooty tone that her employee roster was quite full and that she would NOT give me preferential treatment simply because I was referred to her by another client - like I wanted or expected it. She also informed me that the assignment I was on was not "just a job - but a close and personal friend" of hers and that she didn't want to look bad.

She told me that if I felt that I was not a good match for the position, she could easily replace me with more grateful employees who would be happy to do the work. She ended the conversation be hanging up on me. AVOID PRIDE STAFF LA JOLLA LIKE TOXIC WASTE!

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