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North County San Diego Temp Hell

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No one ever said that it would be pretty. You're either in between jobs, just starting out in the work force, or, most hellishly, both. Unemployment is trying ordeal and the most difficult part can be dealing with temp agencies.

What's New?

Jennifer Kim, a hardworking temp worker from Boston, has created a wonderful short film about the drudgery of temp life. You can see it here. (Thanks Jennifer!)

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Here are my experiences:

  • Eastridge Staffing (located on El Camino Real near Faraday) - best avoided; very unfriendly receptionist; I happened to be in the area and stopped by to see if they had open sign up times. I got the answer to my question and then some. In strident, rude tones the receptionist asked me what sort of work I was looking for, whether I had in experience in that area, what had I been doing in the past few months, what software packages I knew, and whether I had a resume, which I then produced. After giving it a desultory look, she told me what times she had open and added sullenly," If you can't make it you need to let us know."

    Mind you, I was dressed in a $100 business suit, neat hair and very nice shoes. This woman treated me like a vagrant. Avoid Eastridge like the plague.

  • Select Temporaries (located near the Oceanside DMV): They have lots of big clients such as Smith and Nephew (only one nasty perm employee there, named Connie Lemken!). They seem to be a bustling, busy agency and got me an assignment I liked. Definitely worth your time.

  • Remedy Intelligent Staffing (located off Faraday in Carlsbad): Definitely to be avoided. Staffing consultant Tammy is a cheat. She lied about what I would be paid on assignment to get me to agree to it and then just before I started the pay rate went down to $9/hr (she'd promised $10). On the assignment, I had the priviledge of helping them sort bills and happened to see what Remedy was billing the company. They were billing the company $14.86/hr and paying me $9. Here's what I think happened: Tammy pocketed the extra $1 she promised to pay me for her own personal commission. Really nice, huh?

  • Omni Express (Off Faraday in Carlsbad): Defintely sign up with them if you really need $$. They have plenty of assignments,although I did not like the one that I did for them.

  • Pro Staff (on Faraday in Carlsbad): Avoid. One of the staffing consultants had a really nasty attitude with me over my prior work history with Pro Staff San Diego. I had been selected for an assignment by that office for a job to start 4 weeks later, but in the interim, moved, called the office and told them to take me out of their database. Apparently, they didn't and when I went to Pro Staff Carlbad the staffing consultant (wears glasses and talks loud) drilled me on (head cocked heavily to the side and thick glasses off kilter) as to why I had been a 'no call, no show'. I attempted to explain what had happened, however, in snotty voice, she dismissed me with, "I'll have to do more evaluations on you." Screw you too, my dear. Avoid Pro Staff like the plague!

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    Those are my North County San Diego experiences at temp agencies. If you'd like to contribute your experiences for this area or other areas, email me.