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The aim of this page is to provide basic information about Opera and opera singers. In the future I hope to be able to include some graphics and also links to other related Web Pages. As I said, the information contained herein is by no means exhaustive and hence the use of links for more detailed information regarding the topic or the particular singer or opera.As some may already have noticed, the number of my page, 1835, also represents a date. It is, for me, a sad reminder of the year in which Vincenzo Bellini died. Being my favourite opera composer, I have decided to start this page with some information about him.

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Vincenzo Bellini.

Born in Catania, Sicily in 1801 and died in Paris in 1835. Composer of 11 operas, he was educated in the Conservatorio San Sebastiano in Naples. From here he was commissioned for an opera for San Carlo and after for La Scala of Milan.

Bellini's vocal style requires superb legato allied to great florid agility. His long elegant melodies of which "Casta Diva" from Norma is a supreme example,were admired by, and influenced, Berlioz. Wagner, too, was attracted by Bellini's operas and noted the close alliance between music and libretto. For a period, Bellini was out of fashion, but a new generation of great singers has restored him to favour, revealing the dramatic force and beauty of his works. He is buried in his native Catania in San Agatha Cathedral and on his tomb are inscribed the first words of what is probably the world's most beautiful aria "A non credea mirarti, Si presto estinto o fiore."


Adelson e Salvini (1825)
Bianca e Gernando(1826)
Il Pirata(1827)
La Straniera(1829)
I Capuleti ed I Montecchi(1830)
La Sonnambula(1831)
Il fu' ed il sara'(Privately performed in 1832)
Beatrice di Tenda(1833)
I Puritani(1835)
He also composed songs and instrumental works including an oboe concertino.

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