I am Carolyn Weiss. Welcome to my home page.

This is my official home page. Unlike the multitude of others I have had, this one is truely about me. It may give you more insight into who I am, what I do, and what I have done.
Like all personal web pages, it will be very self centred. Judge it not. It is, after all, just a program.

One major point of interest is my business. I, along with Kate, own and operate a small business, which is involved in making and selling jewelry. You can take a look at what we've created on Gandalf's Granddaughter's web site.

Many of you have already seen the pictures from Canada Day 2003, or from My Adventures in Japan. These features will continue to stay here for those who are interested. And for anyone who may intend to use the pictures for school projects, you have permission to do so if you give credit to me for my photography. I do own the copyrights to these pictures.

My Resume can be viewed here, and I invite anyone in a position to hire an English Language teacher to do so.

My Friends' Pages of course aren't nearly as cool as mine, but are still worth a peek!

And here you'll find pictures of my orchids, past and present. It's actually rather sad, as most of these are now only memorial pictures. Although I am pleased to announce that two of my orchids are putting out new growth, at an amazing speed. And one is attempting to leave it's pot (a good sign)!

And here's a couple of sites of interest