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Masculinizing effects of testosterone.  Some of these changes will be permanent, including:
Hair loss, especially at the temples and crown of the head and, possibly, becoming completely bald
Beard and mustache growth The facial hair you grow will depend on your body and what you’ve inherited from your family.
Deepening of the voice
Increased hair growth on the arms, legs, chest, back, and abdomen
Enlargement of  the clitoris
Cause your Adam’s apple and bones in your face to thicken and look more "masculine".
Cause your skin to become coarser
These Additional changes will not be permanent if stopping testosterone.
Decrease of fat in the breasts, buttocks and thighs
Increase of fat in the abdomen
More muscle development
More red blood cells in the blood
Behavioral changes, similar to those experienced at puberty, and increased sex drive
Acne, which may become severe and may cause permanent scarring if not treated
Testosterone can cause these changes that should go away when your stop taking it:
· Decrease of fat in breasts, buttocks and thighs and increase of fat in abdomen.
· More red blood cells in your blood .
· Make it easier to build muscle if you work out.
· Increase your sex drive.
· Cause weight gain.
· Stop your periods. Some FTMs start having some bleeding later in their life. If this happens, talk to your health care provider.
What Testosterone Won’t Do:
· Your breasts will not go away.
· You won’t grow a penis.
· It won’t work overnight
How long do I have to take hormones before they start working?
The effects of testosterone may take several months to become noticeable and up to five years to be complete.

Everyone’s body is different and there is no way to predict what will be your response to hormones. There is a very complex interaction in each person between all the different hormones. The right dosage for you may not be the same as for someone else.
Forms of Testosterone:
1. Testosterone enanthate or cypionate
Usual dosage:  50 mg IM q 2 wks x 6-8 weeks. Increase by 25- 50 mg q 2 weeks as needed up to max of 200mg q 2 weeks. (Check for allergy to sesame or cottonseed oil)
2. Transdermal testosterone
This is expensive therefore not usually recommended. It can cause skin irritation in some patients. It is beneficial for patients who are emotionally sensitive to fluctuations in testosterone level, since it provides a consistent dose. It is available as Androderm or Testoderm TTS 2.5 – 10.0 mg patch qd.
3. Oral preparations of testosterone are not usually used due to dangerous side effects.
4. Testosterone Gel