Top & Bottom Surgeries

This is NOT a complete list.
Dr. Michael L. Brownstein - Based out of San Fransisco, Brownstein specializes in chest reconstruction surgery. From pictures of the work he has done, and compared to pictures I have seen from nameless Dr.'s work my opinion is that he is the best.  I also believe, and it is said to be that Dr. Brownstein is the best in the country!
Dr. Toby Meltzer M.D - 503-494-7824
James P. Voloshin - Located in Newport Beach, California
Gary J. Alter, M.D. - Located in Beverly Hills, California
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Dr. Bivens does ftm mastectomy with minimal scarring. He is really great. Estimated cost 5k to 7k depending on procedure and your chest size.
Dr Davis' - fees range any where from $4000 to $6000 depending on breast tissue size. Small chests will cost under 5k with surgery facility and anesthesia included and also permanent aftercare and revisions are included. Large chests will cost more. You can call 919 785 1220 and ask for Gretta, identify the nature of your call they are very transfriendly. You can also email her at
Morton Slutsky, M.D., P.C.
993 Johnson Ferry Road, Building C., Suite 215
Atlanta, GA 30342
(404) 256-4760
FTM top surgery only.

Has been known to do surgery for large chested men, blotchy nipples.
Dr. Timothy Fee, Dr. Leonard Spillert,
and Staff
Coastal Cosmetic Center
Cosmetic Rejuvenation Surgery

4063 Salisbury Road North, Ste#205

Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone 904-332-6774
FAX 904-332-9137

The average cost for top surgery with
Dr. Fee is around $4500 as of Dec 2004
This is Dr. Peter Rapheal who was featured on discovery's extreme surgery and in Rene's Story (The Opposite Sex) HBO Special. He is very sympathetic to transgender individuals and his staff is nice.

(Sept 2004) A basic ball park figure for bilateral mastectomy was $6,0000 with preop, post op, anesthesia and chest surgery included.

You can Call and ask for Janie at    
Raphael, Peter MD - American Institute-Plastic Srg
(972) 985-0434
The following information provided by Enigma.
Yvon Menard, M.D. - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - 514/288-2097
For a listing of a LOT more Doctors and surgery information (FTM and MTF) check out Yahoo Group Montgomery Gender Alliance! (In the "Files" section of the group)  They have TONS of other information as well!