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             Born in Vigo, Spain, 1949,   tel.   646 939 546




Manuel Castelin was born in Vigo, Galicia, Spain,  in 1949, and named Jose Manuel Costas Durán.
He was one of the pioneers of the Underground Comix against the General Franco's dictatorship one decade before the rising of Democracy in Spain. He was also a pioneer of Spanish Digital Painting on computer. His "Info-paintings " are exposed in his personal site on the Internet:

He has a long list of Painting exibitions all over Europe and Central and South America. His most used technique is acrylic on canvas.
Syncronic Concerts are something particular in Castelin's Art: a Syncronic Concert is a performance in which the artist paints several pictures before the public, dancing to the time performed simultaneously by a group of musicians in a real "Jam Session".
Its ultimate aim is not found in the pictures themselves but in the video that shows all the processual execution of the session of colective creativity and participation, pure improvisation, gestuality, dynamism, quick and spontaneous non-rational forty-minutes inspiration.

He lived in Brazil for eight years, in Mallorca Island for seven and at present he is living in Vigo, Galicia, again.

He spent ten years throughout Tropical America, getting in touch with the Amazonic Ayahuasca shamanism in the jungle, which inspired him several books and his extense series of paintings "Steps of the Pilgrim" and his project "LABYRINTH PARK" , also related to the Spanish sacred route of Santiago ( Saint James ' Way ) that finishes in Galicia, his homeland. He has painted a succession of one hundred and ten pictures marking the learning stations and different stages of man in life along his Path of Evolution from Potentiality to Mastership.

He also cooperated in the foundation and development of an alternative community in Pirinopolis, in the center of Brazil, for three and a half years, the Golden Valley FRATERUNIDADE, Goiás, performing all kinds of tasks there, from design, buildings construction and decoration, gardening, agriculture and fruitculture, besides imparting courses of artistic creativity and self-knowledge through art, to residents and visitors, every weekend.

He imparted courses of Creativity Development and of Occupational Therapy for patients with depressive syndrome in VIDA Therapeutic Community, Brasilia, for a year.

He returned to Spain in 19991. Then, he was a Design of Jewels teacher in Vigo , in PROXOIA Jeweler's School , for two years.

He settled into the cosmopolitan island of Mallorca in 1993. He imparted courses of Creative Painting in TEXP (Experiencial Atelier of Painting ) situated in the S'Escorxador Cultural Center of Palma from 1994 to 96, and then in Camp Rodó Center of Education for Adults; also in the Summer 97 in Santuario Culture House, Colombia, and during the course 97-98 in his own study in Palma.

In the year 1998 he worked as a teacher of Graphic Design for Advertising and Jewels Design in Computer in PIME Formation Center of Palma.

In 1999 he went through two deep and strong experiences as a teacher of Painting (occupational therapy ) with the Red Cross extreme addicts and with the prisoners of the New Penitentiary of Palm of Mallorca.

He has taken many courses related to Graphic Design on computer and Web Pages Design. He has also taken an Educators Formation Course.

After having lived for seven years in Mallorca , he returned to his homeland, to Galicia and the Continent, where he is now fully concentrated on his creativity in painting.

His painting consists of greatly evolved New Figuration, enriched by its previous steps through abstraction and, later on, through computer graphic design. It is the search of the expression of the pure vibration of Life Energy that conforms us, resorting to great movement, rhythm, lightness, manipulation of materials, brightness, tropical or sidereal coloring and multi-dimensionalism.

His figures recreate a very personal vision of subconscious mythological archetypes, dedicated to the exaltation of the perception of life's magic feeling, as well as the eternal Adventure of the Self meeting .





1981- FRANCE- Grand Palais de Paris. Finalist in Emigration Spanish Painters Expo.

1982- SPAIN- Ministery of Culture Art Space, A Coruña.

1982- SPAIN- Royal Nautic Club, Vigo.

1982- SWEDEN- ABF Memmet Salon, Malmo.

1983- ITALIA- Udine University Art Space, Veneto.

1983- DANEMARK- Syncronic Concert and Expo "SYNKRONIA". Jedig Galerie, Kopenhague.

1984- PANAMA- Panama Hilton Hotel.

1984- COLOMBIA- Culture House of Santuario, Risaralda.

1985- PERU- Syncronic Concert and Expo "LIMA". Civic Center of Barranco. Lima.

1985- PERU- Syncronic Concert and Expo "NEW AGE", Lourdes Chapel, Cuzco.

1987- BRAZIL- Syncronic Concert and Expo "ZODIACUS". Atlantico Copacabana Casino, Rio de Janeiro.

1987- BRAZIL-Syncronic Concert and Expo "THE STARS WAY", Esoteric Center of Tijuca. Rio de Janeiro.

1988- BRAZIL-Syncronic Concert and Expo "DIVINE MOTHER", JK Hospital Art Space. Goiania.

1989- BRAZIL- Syncronic Concert and Expo "THE SEVEN HERMETIC PRINCIPLES". Jaó Clube, Goiania.

1990- BRAZIL-Synchronic Concert and Expo "WESAK". La Galería, Brasilia.

1991- SPAIN- A Coruña. Expo "AMAZONIA", Mariñan Palace. Menendez y Pelayo University.

1992- SPAIN- Vigo. Expo "INTERIOR TRIP". Caixavigo Gallery.

1992- SPAIN- Poio Monastery, Pontevedra. Expo "THE STEPS OF THE PILGRIM", on 9th Iberic Congress of Astrology.
1992- SPAIN- Vigo-, Expo "Caboclo" and Syncronic Concert "VEGETAL SECRETS", during Afroamérica 92 (America's Discovering 5th Centennial) Vigo Transatlantics Station.
1993- SPAIN- Vigo, Syncronic Concert "Chao Vigo", Vigovivo Hall. Ilustrated book "ESTELAS DEL PEREGRINO"
1993- SPAIN-  Mallorca, Expo "The Galician Pilgrim" and Synchronic Concert "Esconxuro", in the Galician Center, Acuacity Park of Palma de Mallorca.
1994- SPAIN- Mallorca. "LABYRINTHS" Instalation in Sa Capsana, Valldemossa.
1995- SPAIN- Mallorca. "SAN SEBASTIAN" Syncronic. S'Escorxador Square, Palma.
1995- SPAIN- Expo "Femeníadas", Art Space of Acuarius Maternity in Valencia. "THE WARRIOR'S DIARY" ilustrated book.
1996- SPAIN- Colective Expo of "Artists of Mediterranean". Porto Pi, Palma.
1997- SPAIN- Expo in Stetic Balear Cultural Space, Palma.
1997- COLOMBIA- Expo in María Auxiliadora School, Santuario, and in the Art Space of Santiago Londoño Theater in Pereira, Risaralda.
1997- SPAIN- Expo in Son Sunyer. Es Pil-larí, Mallorca.
1998- SPAIN- Expo in Centro Gallego de Mallorca.
1998- ESPAÑA-  Expos in Art Space of Son Dureta Hospital and Art Space of Porto Pi Restaurant in Palma de Mallorca.
1999- ESPAÑA- Expos in "La Barraca" of Palma and "La Galería" Felanitx, Mallorca.
2000- INTERNET- Virtual expo of "ESTELAS DEL PEREGRINO".
2000- PORTUGAL: Expo in the Art Space of City Hall of Valença do Minho.
2001- BRAZIL: Expo in OCA de Alto Paraíso,Goiás. Wall decoration in Henri Koliver's House in Alto Paraís

2002- SPAIN- Expo in A Guarda Culture House.
2002- SPAIN- Expo in Sobrada Culture House, Tomiño, Pontevedra.
2002- PORTUGAL- Expo in Melgaço Culture House, Minho.


2003- ESPAÑA: Interior Galería Artenova, Vigo

2003- ESPAÑA: Expo "NUNCA MAIS",Vigo

2003- ESPAÑA: Expo "POLA PAZ", Centro Cultural Center of Navia, Vigo

2003-2004, He founded the ETNOGRAFIC and LITERARY ATELIERS, in the Social Centers de Bouzas and Coia, in Vigo.

2004- USA: Expo "HOMAGE TO N.Y.", Brentwood Library, Long Island, New York.


  • Along 2004, "ORFEO`S TRAVEL TO THE END OF THE WORLD" Virtual multimedia job:








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