The process of applications:

The process of applying to the Merchants Caste is simple. Once you have decided to become a merchant, speak to an already registered merchant about becoming your sponsor. Sponsors are also like teachers/trainers. The sponsor will/should then direct you to the website where the application is.

After filling out the application, submit it. The third chair of the caste will then receive it and send you a letter, stating it has been received. For two mun weeks, your application will be held. During this time the application is reviewed, as is your profile. Your screen name must remain active during this time. If RL requires you to delete for a day or two, let the third chair know this. If there is a problem with the application, the third chair will let you know, so you may repair it.

Also during this time, three logs are to be submitted to the third chair. One log showing the training of the applicant with their sponsor on the subject of coin, another on what a merchant is, and the third log would be showing interaction with a customer using all that they learned.

After two weeks of waiting, if the application has passed, you will receive a registration number and a letter. This will make you a fully registered merchant with voting rights.

Character name:
Screen name in lower case:

House or Tribe affiliation:

Where do you reside now?:
How long have you been practicing your trade?:

What goods do you deal in?:
Who is sponsoring you to the caste? (must be reg. merchant):

Is this SN restore/delete?:
How long has this SN been active?:

How long have you been in Gor?:
Mun over 18?:
What gaming format do you play?:

What are the caste colors?:
What is the earthen equivalent to a stone?:

How many stones to a weight?:
How long is a hort?:

What is the only common governing law among most cities?:
What is another name for a merchant ship?:

In most cities, how many copper bits to a copper tarsk?:
What is considered the typical annual salary for the average gorean?:

Each year at the Sardar Fair a motion is made before the bankers. What is the motion and does it pass?:
Against what are the merchant's personal measuring devices verified?:

Where is such a device found?:
Where in a city are financial services found?:

Do you have a shop?:
Character age:
Caste of parents:

Copy and paste your life scroll below:

Return completed application to Trevan Mac Beith and Cymbeline Night

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