Screen Name


Reason [if any]

Taylor Haroun 6/00 killed by ex-mate
Rothina Lynn 8/00 none given
Livia Jordan ?? death still a mystery
Serina Falon ?? none given
Talia Falon ?? none given
SetaBenettaZant ?? killed rather than take collar
Lehna Darq 8/14/00 enslaved/killed
AdoraShadowHawk 8/30/00 suicide
Lady Ronwen ?? killed in a raid
Haley Sankham ?? none given
Cpt Garrison Steel ?? killed in a DM
Terrance of Ar ?? none given
Blackheart of PK ?? killed by the BC
Madilyn Dynsec 9/00 suicide after death of mate
Kaissa Player 6/00 killed in a DM
Marrie Nosk Cire ?? none given
TaylorMEriksonSteel ?? none given
Cassiopia Daemon ?? none given
LadyRosalyn ?? none given
Tasdron ?? none given
Allie Moon ?? none given
Vendo Kaxel ?? none given
Shailyn DuClare ?? none given
SiIverbell ?? enslaved
Nizah Severai ?? enslaved
Dee Bloodstone ?? none given
LdyHonor ?? none given
Terra Turin ?? died in a fire
Quitus Cicero 2/8/02 died in a DM
Brynn Taylor 4/27/02 suicide
Quintana Timecula 2/03 died of injuries resulting from a fall
Aliana Donovan 3/03 died in a shipwreck
Tasha Talonblade 3/03 died from a kiln explosion
Moya K Mac Beith 6/03 vanished during a trade visit to Farnacium
AurielleFawke 7/03 3rd Chair [mun death]
Teresa LaCroix 8/03 stabbed self with ost tipped pin
Sarai Anagennao #000568 submitted

Special rememberance to
JaciLittle Clock
Her mun passed away in 2000
You are missed Jaci

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