"For example, a 'double tarn' is twice the weight of a 'tarn'. It seems there are usually eight tarsk bits in a copper tarsk, and that these are the result of cutting a circular coin in half, and then the halves in half, and then each of these halves in half. An analogy would be cutting the round, flat Gorean loaves of Sa-Tarna bread into eight pieces. There are approximately something like one hundred copper tarsks in a silver tarsk in many cities. Similarly, something like ten silver tarsks would apparently be equivalent, depending on weights, etc., to one gold piece, say, a single 'tarn'. Accordingly on this approach, the equivalencies, very approximately and probably only for certain cities, would be eight tarsk bits to the copper tarsk, one hundred copper tarsks to a silver tarsk, and ten silver tarsks to a gold piece, a single tarn. On this approach, there would be, literally, 8,000 tarsk bits in a single gold piece."
Magicians of Gor, footnotes, page 469

So, using this formula,
8 copper tarks bits = 1 copper tarsk
100 copper tarsks = 1 silver tarsk
10 silver tarsks = 1 gold tarn

Page 218 states: "The price is high," he said, "a gold tarn disk." [for signature perfume made for a Freewoman]

Prices of Slaves:
*A golden tarn disk would buy a tarn or as many as 5 slaves [Tarnsman pg 191]
*Spoken by Judy Thornton ..."I, and others like me, could be acquired and disposed of for a handful of copper tarsks." [Slave Girl of Gor, pg 17]
*"...the value placed on girls such as we were, a Judy Thornton or an Elicia Nevins, girls of our quality, would commonly be a tiny sack of copper coins, a few more, a few less." [Slave Girl of Gor pg 49]
*Judy is sold for 1 silver tarsk [Slave Girl pg 292]
*Judy is sold to Rask for 15 coppers [Slave Girl pg 287]
*Elinor [well trained in Ko-ra-ba] is sold for 9 gold, 12 gold, 14 gold, 15 gold [Captive of Gor pgs 355-358] *A gold tarn disk buys a trained war tarn or several women [Beasts pg 34]
*The girl sold for 15 coppers [Beasts of Gor pgs 74 and 77]
*Girl sold for 4 copper tarsks [Beasts pg 78]
*Slave - 1 silver tarsk [Beasts pg 137]
*Pretty tent slave sold for 1/4 silver tarsk [Beasts]
*4 gorean slave girls sold for 1 silver tarsk [Beasts pg 100]

Other Merchandise:
Prices at an Inn, lodgings, blankets, girls and baths; [from Rengegades of Gor, pg 51 - at an inn and was stated prices were a bit high]: Lodging - 10 copper tarsks
Blankets - 2 copper tarsks
Bath - 1 copper tarsk
Bath girl - 2 copper tarsk
Sponge, oil and strigil - 1 copper tarsk
Girl for one night - 5 copper tarsks
*Rental of furs and a place in a public tent [stated expensive] and no meal included 5 copper tarsks--at faire [Beasts pg 50] Bread 2 copper tarsks
Other food - 3-5 copper tarsks
*a bowl of soup, shreds of bosk and boiled sul - 1 copper tarsk [Beasts pg 51]

Tarn Care:
Renegades of Gor:?
*Tarn: greens and stable - 2 copper tarsks
*Tarn: meat and cot - 5 copper tarsks
*A silver tarn tossed to the tarn keeper for him to groom, feed and care for the bird and see that it was ready on an instants notice [Tarnsman pg 165]
*A golden tarn disk would buy a tarn or as many as 5 slaves [Tarnsman pg 191]
*A gold tarn disk buys a trained war tarn or several women [Beasts pg 34]

Bride price - 100 gold tarns [Tarnsman of Gor, pg 70]
Warriors hiring price - 80 tarn disks [Tarnsman pg 125]
a tarsk bit to enter the pavillion where slaves were being sold [Beasts of Gor pg 77]

Money Chart created by Draymun Maxus
Thank you

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