When you enter the Deep Cavern you see a young woman sitting behind a desk paying no attention at all to a very irritated night drak that's trying to arrange her eggs.
"You!" the drak says.
"Help me finish this Big Dipper configuration and I think Lilith might pay attention to me and my eggs."
"I wouldn't." the woman calls from behind the desk, "And if you want to sign up to be an aspirant, the form's on the door. Good luck."
The night drak sighs, "I wouldn't mind being pampered a bit, but anyway you should really try out for my clutch."

Parents: Night Tebanaki & Plant Landeki
male name-ending: -kiki, female name-ending: -kiki


Stinga (f)
Hitomi (f)
Kaleah (f)

I'm always taking reservations in between clutches.
So feel free to send in Aspirants after you have read the Rules.

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