As she kneels I glance at her naked body before Me. My eyes sparkle at the love and devotion she shows. The gentle curves of her sweet breasts beaconing to My touch. Reaching down My fingers touch her chin lifting it so that her jade green eyes look up into Mine. "Master, please I am scared.." her soft words spill forth. Brushing My fingers against her cheek her eyes remain locked upon Mine. "Trust Me love," the simple words reassuring her. Reaching down I take her hand in Mine, helping her raise from her spot kneeling before Me. Leading her to the bed I lay her back upon the fresh clean sheets. Her body naked and waiting for My desires as she lays there unsure, but desiring to please Me. She dares not turn her head to follow My movements as I secure her wrists in leather bindings. Tying them together above her head. Then moving to the foot of the bed I secure one ankle to each corner, parting her soft thighs revealing to Me all which she offers. Then sitting on the edge of the bed, I take out a black silken scarf. Laying it over her eyes, again she whispers, "Master, please I am scared to trust you.." Covering her eyes in silence as she lays bond naked in the darkness, she knows now that all she is lays within My hands. For what seems as forever she lays there, no sound, no light, no freedom, only her heart beat and the sense of My closeness. Leaning close she can feel the warmth of My breath as it envelopes her face with soft reassuring words, "fear not My love for I am with you" Her body trembles as she lays there naked waiting for what is to come. The air fills with the crack of the whip, she can hear it's stinging bite upon flesh yet feels it not. Instead a gentle kiss touches her body the warm lips of her Master upon her skin. Again she hears the awful crack of the whip upon flesh, and yet as she lays naked and helpless, another warm kiss licks over her breast. She trembles in fear as the air is sliced near her and now My tongue slowly trails over her, placing soft kisses to her inner thighs. Upon her body strong hands adorn her with oil working the muscles of her arms and thighs. And as the fingers work her helpless flesh she can hear the crack of the whip, sense it is meant for her and yet each time it bites her flesh does not taste it. In her darkness all that she feels is the love and caring from her Masters touch. As she moments pass in her darkness she begins to learn slowly at first that the sound of the whip is not to be feared, and to trust that all she will feel is the gentleness of the Master who loves her. She can feel the strength in his fingers as they tease her nipples. Exciting her as the whip continues it painful beating. As her passions rose she could feel her Master's fingers entering her, gently exciting her body. Her hips undulating to My skillful advances. She can hear My voice deep within her soul as I speak to her, "what do you desire?" Her spirit relaxing finding security now in My closeness as the whip continues to bite loudly near her. Tentatively, she quietly whispers, "Master, I am yours, to use as you will" Her body bond as I make love to her in the darkness My thrusts entering her body deeply. She can hear the constant cracking of the whip as it cut deeply into flesh until finally Our climax was shared. In the silence of the room now she could feel the tenderness as I unbound her. Her body still naked yet free from restraint as I held her close to Me. As I held her still blindfolded in My arms she softly whispered one question, "Master, why as I laid helpless did I feel only the love in your touch, as the pain of the whip was so near?" As I held her in silence the blindfold fell away releasing her from the darkness which had shrouded her eyes. As she looked upon Me, her jade green eyes filled with tears knowing that, she had not tasted the pain of this world for her Master was there to take it for her. And as each lash cut My flesh to her only love and tenderness was given..
"you did not feel the whip for you trusted Me to protect you.."

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