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One day I was so very sad
My tears made themselves into a pond
I wished and wished and wished again
I had a very special magick wand
The more I wished, the more I cried
Until the day passed into darkest night
And then my teary eyes beheld a very special magick sight
I had been so very sad I could not look up to see the sky
So God brought the stars right down to Earth and filled my weeping eye
With Light

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When I went out walking one day, awalking straight back through my mind
I stumbled across a lost part of me, one my conscious thought left behind.
I wondered then, when I saw myself, just what path I had taken
and if this was just a dream, which me would awaken?
Entranced I wandered onward and met the strangest person,
Was I in trouble now?  I worried that my wanderings might worsen.
Then I found when I walked my past, and thought my mind alone,
This was my guide, an angel who would always walk me home.

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