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    Welcome to Castlevania: Bloodlines, a fan page of the Sega Genesis game. I am a big fan of Konami's Castlevania series, and Castlevania Bloodlines is still one of my favorites along with Castlevania Symphony Of The Night and Castlevania III Dracula's Curse. Here you will find info, pictures, and downloads of just about everything for Bloodlines. Enjoy your stay and please sign the guestbook, thank you. If you have any questions or comments Email: Castlevania_Bloodlines@Yahoo.com
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All images characters and scripts are copyrighted by Konami 2003 all Rights are reserved. This is just a fan page, I will not use any of the content on my pages to make money or profit.
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Castlevania: Bloodlines Rom Package
The Castlevania: Bloodlines Rom Pack includes the Castlevania: Bloodlines rom and the Genenis emulator to play it on, all in one zipped file
Download Here
   The ancestors of the Belmont family are doomed to confront the power of evil incarnate Dracula! In 1917, a countess sought to revive the long dead spirit of the vampire. Her name was Elizabeth Bartley. To revive him, she needed to travel all over Europe, enlisting help from all the powers of darkness. Two young vampire hunters set out to fulfil their destiny, push back the evil hordes, and drive the vampire back into his dark netherworld.
Now that you have read the intro and know the story, download the Castlevania: Bloodlines rom and emulator. Download Here
John Morris
Eric Lecarde
    This is the song from the first stage in Castlevania: Bloodlines. It is the song playing right now. This is my favorite song from Castlevania: Bloodlines. It is a true Castlevania Classic.
Reincarnated Soul
>>The Castlevania Dungeon
>>Robs Dracula's Curse Desktop Theme Page
>>Official Konami Website
Born: December 12th 1885
Born: May 3rd 1892
Texas, USA
Sergovia, Spain
Weapon: Vampire Killer
Weapon: Alcarde Spear
>>Castlevania: Bloodlines Main
John's Weapons
Eric's Weapons
Sacred Water
Crystal Blade Boomerang
Battle Axe
Eric's Special Weapon
John's Special Weapon
Castlevania: Bloodlines was set out in three different reigons around the world. They were, America, Japan, And Europe. These are the cover boxes for all three of them. I think Castlevania: Bloodlines may have been set out in a few other countries. If you know anything about it please Email me.
In America we know this as Castlevania: Bloodlines. Only America and Japan decide to keep the ending part of the title the same; Bloodlines.
In Japan, Castlevania: Bloodlines is known as being called Vampire Killer: Bloodlines. The front cover is completly different for America.
In Europe however, It's called Castlevania: The New Generation. In fact, look below to see the differences in the American version and the Europian version.
American Logo
Europian Logo
    Check out the American Castlevania: Bloodlines logo compared to Europe's Castlevania: The New Generation logo. It's the same game, yet, different styles completly. Especially the games name. Bloodlines; and The New Generation. Even the colors have changed; but which countries came first? America with Bloodlines, or Europe with The New Generation? The answer is neither. Japan is the country that came out first, with, Vampire Killer: Bloodlines. Next up, was obviously America becuase we keep the original title; Bloodlines. Last, Europe came along and decided to make it their way ,with The New Generation. If you can find the Japanese logo in the game then please Email me.