My face as used on advertising poster for Personal Assistantsfor reliable, trustworthy, understanding,
very patient, responsible, non-smoking,
fun-loving, caring, emotionally stable, people
                               to assist an intelligent (apparently likeable!) male with Cerebral Palsy (me!)
in a north-eastern Adelaide suburb.
Formal "qualifications" &\or experience with people with disabilities is NOT needed.
Mature young people are particularly encouraged & welcome to apply to take advantage of this rewarding opportunity.

(If you’re thinking, "This isn’t for me", but you seem to fit the criteria, you could be pleasantly surprised!
You may also know of someone else who could be interested in, and suitable for, this position.)

Apart from being a backup, they will probably be required to work on at least one day per week
(although possibly negotiable) for up to approximately 3 or 4 hours at a time.  They will be required
to START work GENERALLY between 4 p.m. & 6 p.m., - usually at 5:30 p.m. - and on rare occasions, later &/or any other time on a weekly routine roster, depending on my schedule.  Sundays’ workstart-time could also be any time during the afternoon.

Good Pay. (Bonuses are given. More work could well result for the right person.)
        Duties include   feeding me hot meals, preparing drinks and snacks, bed making,
                                plus other general home and personal care tasks.

    Heavy lifting, toileting and showering assistance is NOT generally required.
Good working environment and conditions in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere - most times!

Applicants should (among other things):-

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Lasr Update:-  Nov. 3, 2007.

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