When I was younger, I used to play around with lots of different material. I hand sewed this little cushion (below).
Other Crafts
At the moment, I have only been cross stitching, but I am keen to learn new crafts.
Silk Ribbon
I have now started making handmade cards. To view my cards, click on the link below:
Starter Kit from Kates Kloths
Handmade Cards
This kit came a piece of fabric, 4 threads, 2 ribbons and basic instructions on how to do various stitches. The rest you make up as you go along, and this is my individual take on the project.
My first little project using silk ribbons and silk fabric. This technique of sewing using ribbons is quite easy and much quicker that cross stitch, as Abi from UKCS showed me. Thanx Abi!!!
I know this is very basic, but I am proud of my little gift tag
This is my first needlebook/case that I made. Also, I designed the heart too!