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This web page is designed for me to have a place to post excerpts from my novel, The Rose and the Lion.

Other sections will be added as I go along.
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A Gothic romance set in New Orleans at Mardi Gras.  I am still plotting this one out, and it may take a back burner due to the cultural phenomenon known as Twilight (Yes I have been sucked into this awesome vampire romance series like the rest of the world!)
When I originally started writing the story I imagines Heath Ledger as the main character, but I changed my vision of Leath and currently envision Orlando Bloom.
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A 17th Century Romantic Adventure Thiller.  Iain MacGregor is a spy for the loosing Catholic faction.  His last mission was to steal a peace treaty that would bring an end to the Thirty Year's War.  But it seems everyone in Europe is wanting to possess and destroy that treaty, including England.  Elisabeth Hamilton is an English noble woman, idependent and headstrong.  She flees England from a marriage to a murderer and court-plotter, only to be unwillingly drawn into the plots and arms of MacGregor.
Read the first 19 pages of Chapter One
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@ Rosedog .com
@ Rosedog .com
You will have to type in the title to pull up the story on Rose dog - their graphic does not show anymore - sorry. So the link is to the main website
My name is Cate Hart and I write romance.  I live in Nashville, TN, where I was born and raised.  I am 34 and still work full time in a great job, but I hope to be published and quit my other day job. :)  My first novel, still in the works, is titled The Rose and the Lion.  It is an epic Scottish historical adventure.  You can read some excerpts below.  I also have a gothic vampire romance in the works too, called The Haunted.  I will work on posting some excerpts as well.  Right now I am currently working on a YA romance in the style of Stephenie Myers' Twilight.  This novel is almost complete and I want to post some chapters here for you to enjoy, and perhaps get some feed back.  The title of this new novel is Broken.
I will update the Rose and the Lion chapters at a  later date.  So check out Broken and all of those pages I will be adding .