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Hello everybody.
If you want something from me just e-mail.
I've done some projects that I want to share with you all.
Here are some examples with source code (some of them).
If you have some ideas just tell me.
This is me after taking my bachelor degree This is why I'm so serious.

Five balls
: A little games where you must put five balls in a line to score some points. The computer will "help you" by inserting three new balls at each your movement. More details, screenshoots and a downloadable copy or sources  of the game (which run under Windows and Linux compatible systems) you will find soon on Five balls game page.

Custom char
t: A reliable chart designer made at proposal of a client (that's why I call it Custom chart) who can load from Excel sheets (without having Excel installed) and draw charts based on that data or on data you just give it. A downloadable copy  you can find it here.

Accountancy software
: This is my first Delphi project and it's made for managing sales, stocks, salaries and all activity in a small shopping centre. Some screenshoots and detailed descriptions you can see it here.
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Name: Catalin Mincu Mincu