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    Today, I've posted an article on why our country seems to be so divisive, especially along racial and gender lines. You'd think by now we'd be over such silliness.
     Unfortunately not, and thanks goes to our government, which, in dealing with citizens, claims it needs to collect everyone's personal information like race, gender, age, financial & marital status, etc.
     Ever wonder why they "need" this info? They use it to compile statistical data on the population, and to treat us all differently according to these personal attributes! But is this really necessary? Statistics seem more like trivia to me, and discrimination of any kind is just plain wrong--especially in a country founded on the principles of "equal treatment for all."  And, yet.....
Discrimination By Any Other Name
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    I don't remember whether I've mentioned this before, but I was not very keen on Senator John McCain becoming the Republican Nominee for President--mostly due to some of the legislation he's tried to get passed in Congress. Ok, to be fair, it's really all about him co-authoring that shameful amnesty bill with Senator (and best friend!) Ted Kennedy (D-MA) last Summer.
     Yes, I was one of the millions of American citizens calling, faxing, and writing my Representatives in Washington D.C., demanding they kill that bill. So, when John McCain claimed in a televised interview earlier this year that he's "never violated the public trust," I knew better!
     I considered his wish to obliterate our national resources--as well as our government-provided social services (paid for by hard-working, tax-paying citizens!)--by encouraging untold millions
more foreign nationals to come here illegally a real violation of the citizenrys' public trust. It's this sort of Congressional misbehavior that causes their extremely low favorability ratings (currently sitting at 9%, the lowest in our history).
     There was that bill, and there was John McCain calling himself a "Conservative Republican" which irked me to no end. Then I found it suspicious when all the other Republican candidates for the Office suddenly dropped out, leaving McCain the only Republican in the race. My suspicion grew even more when Mitt Romney dropped out--he had been the "frontrunner," having won several state primaries.
     So, by the time my state held it's primary in August, the 'decision' had already been made (so my state did not bother to even LET us vote for the Republican Nominees!). Talk about voter disenfranchisement!
     The "fix" is in, folks! Hollywood Producer Aaron Russo was right, in his documentary, "
America: Freedom To Fascism," when he said, "It no longer matters who you vote for; the People no longer choose our President!"
     The only surprise came last Friday, August 29th. John McCain revealed his choice for VP--Sarah Palin. My first thought when I heard her name was, "Who in the heck is THAT?" I was expecting to hear Mitt Romney' or Joe Lieberman's name, not that of some unknown woman.
     As it turns out, though, she's the only bright spot on this ticket. Sarah Palin is Governor of Alaska--the most-liked governor in the
country (over 80% approval rating!)--as well as a real Conservative Republican, and a reformer, to boot! So, I guess I can "hold my nose and vote for John McCain."
    When I think about it, I guess my Republican values stem from those of our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln. He was a Christian, and believed everyone should be treated the same: As Americans--regardless of what we look like.
     I believe God creates every individual as Perfect in His Sight--any "deformity" seen is through OUR imperfect eyes. God gives everyone what they need to be at their very best, and He loves ALL of us. No one is more 'special' than anyone else, and the value of each of us is what's INSIDE of us: Our personalities, our hopes and dreams, and what we contribute to this world.
     Most of our Founders were devout Christians as well, and they created this country in the hopes that later generations would follow--and perhaps improve upon--their principles of self-government "by the People and for the People." All this is clear if you read the minutes of the Constitutional Congress and the speeches and writings of our country's Founders during the Revolutionary Period. The political debates of today are boring and insignificant compared to the great debates by our Founders as they were constructing the foundations of this great country we call America.
     I believe in our U.S. Constitution, and in its intention of creating a government system of equal treatment for all citizens. Unfortunately, throughout our history, some individuals in our government have endeavored to weaken or even obliterate this system of equal treatment. They have created what we call "Special Interest Groups" which bring about inequality by discriminating against everyone who does not belong to their Special Group. They base "Specialness" on certain physical attributes shared by group members--attributes which these members are born with (examples being skin color or gender). These groups lobby the government, claiming their group is more "special" than the general population and needs additional benefits.
     Basically, this is a system of reverse-discrimination, and any kind of discrimination is wrong. I believe the best way to solve our country's inequality issues is for our government to offer government-run social programs geared to help "needy" citizens get back on their financial feet (with a hand UP, not a hand OUT), and base these programs not on the physical attributes of such citizenry, but rather on their level of need.
     This requires our government to stop collecting information about its citizenry in regards to their physical attributes. The only industry in this country which needs to collect this type of information from its customers is the medical industry, as a person's race/gender has an impact on their health needs. Women have different health needs in accordance with their genders, just as those of certain races have different health issues due to their particular race being known as prone to particular diseases. This is not discrimination.
     However, our government does not need to collect such information--so that IS discrimination.
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