Infamous Arch Enemies
"You have shown me the sky, but what good is the sky to a creature who'll never do better than crawl?"

"I had a feeling like that once.  Then I beat someone senselessly until it went away."

"You know there used to be some respect mixed up in my hatred for you but not anymore. Your petty scruples are an embarrassment!"

"You forbid me? No one...god or man...forbids me from doing anything."
It ought to be blindingly obvious to everyone and anyone that I have a, shall we say, unique relationship to Princess Kara Fanel of Fanelia.  We were children together, growing up in Saria in the household of my grandfather, Micino Cortylini.  As far as I'm concerned however, she was more the grandchild to him than I.  Micino knew who she was, even though she didn't, and treated her, accordingly, as a princess.  I seemed the scullery maid.

Blinding jealousy erupted in my heart, as each night I watched my grandfather and Kara whispering together in a corner, never inviting me or Owen to join.  Further enraging still was the fact that while he continued to beat me for misbehaving, he never touched her.  As it was, I began breaking things in the house, just to get a bit of attention from him.

When Micino died, Kara vanished without a trace, my brother and I completely abandoned.  When Owen was taken from me, I was completely alone and began to reflect on the situation.  It was because of her that I was alone.  She stole my grandfather and then left Owen to a path that would eventually kill him.  I say that Kara created me, for it was because of her that I learned hate and I made it a part of myself.

The memory of her has hounded me throughout life and I've made it a goal to cause her suffering as great as that which she put me through.  I've always been the one to receive Kara's leftovers and that hasn't changed.  When she left a lover, Mordred, he immediately turned to me, sexually assaulting me in fact, though that's another story.  Again I blame her.

Do I want to kill her?  I'm often asked that question.  The answer is no.  Instead, I want to make her suffer, just as I have suffered.  She created a monster with integrity.  Scary, isn't it?  Every person I kill, every victim I slaughter, their blood is on her hands just as much as on mine.  May she find comfort in her throne, her loving family, and all other things she has that I lack because of her.