Ruathan Follies
"You don't seem to get it, do you? You've won. All these years I've spent living to destroy you. Thinking that only if I could give you the same pain that you gave me I'd be rid of it and life would go on. And then I do and nothing changes. I don't feel better... just empty. So you let me go Kara.  You can't win this battle and you've already won the war."

"I scratch your back, you stab mine."

"You're about to watch the friendship of your life go up in smoke. I envy her in a way, she gets to leave this world so pure. I wonder if I could have been her...Burn her."
Connor.  Charlotte.  Mats.  Tress.  Kris.  Catalina.  These are the names of the young guns of Muneen Castle.  Together we plot, plan, love, lose, and fight in the name of a better Ruatha, against King Corbel and Prince Joseph Corbel.  We're closer than friends and more distant than family.  The group relations are more complex than my past and in some ways infinitely more interesting.

Connor is the self acclaimed leader of the group.  This is a rather logical choice, as he is our figurehead and the only one in line for the throne.  Although very noble and brave, Connor has several tragic flaws, his inability to make a decision, his hatred for protocol, and his unrealistic expectations of loyalty from his friends.  In a complicated way, I do love him despite our differences of opinion.  He has shown me a kindness that most reserve for ladies of a higher stature than I.  Perhaps he loves me in a deeper way, that I don't know.  I fight for him because he is different and his tenderness is a refreshing change Ruatha needs.

Charlotte is the queen of Brennen, a kingdom unfortunate enough to be completely surrounded by Ruatha.  Her stake in having Connor rise to the throne is twofold.  First, it ensures protection for her peaceful kingdom.  Second, Connor is her friend, once almost her fiance through the plotting and planning of Corbel to ship Connor away.  Charlotte is a logical and rational character, bringing that dynamic to the group.  Without her, I fear we'd be lost in a battle of passions and never get anything accomplished.

Mats is the captain of the guard, King Corbel's bastard son, and Connor's best friend.  He has lofty ideals about honor and nobility, unfortunately, this idealism blinds him to the reality of Ruatha.  As he is a knight, I loathe everything he stands for.  As he is Connor's friend, I stay out of his way and hope he stays out of my way.  Sadly, his honor is so strong that he will always obey his oath to serve Corbel before he'll obey his friendship to Connor.

Tress is a Hylian warrior.  Though her principles fall short of those of Mats, she too is blinded by a certain righteouness.  Tress is Connor's friend and came to Ruatha out of a hunger for adventure.  She loves to brag and show off, but she does prove herself when the need for a strong arm or magical wrist comes up.

Kris is an assassin, the one that brought me into the fold.  He was hired to kill Charlotte, but through his brother, befriended Connor and switched sides.  He's a moping realist suffering from Connor's inability to act since the death of his brother Patrik.  He's my friend, the closest I have.