Secret Chest
"Is there anything better than a blood feud? The panic. The people lost in the streets. It's like picking fruit off the vine."

"You can only suppress your real nature for so long. You can feel it brewing inside of you. I hope I'm around when it explodes."

"You and I both know what you hunger for. What you need. Hey, it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's who we are. It's what makes an assassin's life worth living."

"If you feel that you see me not quite at my 'virginal best,' cross my palm with a coin and I'll willingly show you the rest."
People say that my vice is books.  It isn't true.  The real weakness from which I suffer is Arion DeMilla.  After my brother died, I tried to shut my heart off from love, unfortunately, it found me on a dark night in a bar called the Boar's Head.  I went for a glass of water and ended up leaving with a mysterious blind man.  He was Arion, Willy as I call him, and our one night stand turned into a love affair.  Affair is the appropriate word, because when we met, he was married to Kara Fanel.  He would be a prime target for my enemies, please don't tell anyone about him.
When I was six years old, my aunt Leda forbid my four cousins to visit our house because of Grandfather Micino.  As I got on in years and began to make a success of myself, I realized that I couldn't hold my aunt's actions against my cousins.  I began sending a sum of twenty Rupees a week to the bank accounts for each of my cousins.  Later on, I learned that my cousin Raven had struck out on her own.  Although I wouldn't help her in person, I upped the amount to fifty Rupees a week.  Raven is a sweet girl.  I think I could have been her, if circumstances hadn't changed.
I get asked this one a lot.  What's the deal with the braid?  See, I almost always have my hair in a braid.  Sometimes the braid is twisted up on top of my head, other times it swings freely around the nape of my neck.  People seem to think there's some big reason why I wear it that way.  Honestly, I look much older than I really am when my hair is held back firmly.  I'm sure there's some psychological need for order and control that caused me to choose such a style for my hair.  The practical reason, however, is simply me trying to appear older than I am.
At times I need to pass for a more or less "normal" citizen.  My alter ego is named Callisto.  When a quick get away is required, when stealth is called for, when disguise is needed, I slip into the persona of Callisto.  In many ways, she's who I could potentially be if I ever completely lost control of my own sanity.  At any rate, Callisto consists of, in reality, a blond wig and an invented personality.  In Hylian, the word "callisto" means "nemesis."  It seems like the ideal name for me, doesn't it?  Much more suitable than Darla, an old alter ego.