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This page is dedicated to Christofur Cats who succumbed to diabetes at the young age of six on April 6, 1998 and now it is also dedicated to Gingercats, who on April 11, 2005 made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. It is my sincere wish that Christofur Cats was waiting for Gingercats and that now both of them are together forever for eternity.

Although this is a graphic image, it is a general depiction of our Christofur Cats:

And here is our Christofur Cats:

Christofur Cats' picture is linked to a wonderful page that was created by Cat of the Day. We are eternally grateful to have this page as a remembrance of our Chris. You can have your kitty, dog or any other pet featured too. Thank you Cat of the Day!

Here is Gingercats, with her angel wings. Both Gingercats and Christofur Cats were wonderful pets and friends and their memories will be with us always.

Christofur and Ginger being met by the Heavenly Celestial Angel Cats:

We will always remember you, Chris, as a sweet, affectionate, happy, and fun-loving pet. You will always be in our hearts and minds as the kitten you always were. We are very proud to have been owned by you. And Gingercats, you have been the most proper and sweetest pet anyone could ask for. Your affection and tenderness will be missed.

Because of our love for Chris and Ginger and cats in general, this page is dedicated to those furry, loveable creatures we call "cats"!!

We cannot see life without cats. We still have our Nikki and Nichie and they have us. What is living without at least one cat??

A special thank you needs to go to those wonderful people who offer free graphics and music that make our websites unique.

All of the graphics and music were provided by the websites listed below:

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