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This site is now dedicated to the memory of
Glenn Quinn

Without Glenn Quinn's inspiring performance as Doyle, this site, and most of the other sites linked here would not exist.

Glenn, you left us far too soon. You will be missed.

Remembering Glenn Quinn

Alternate Angel

Welcome to the home of the Alternate Angel fan fiction site, featuring alternate-universe fan fiction based on the WB television series Angel.

Alternate Angel congratulates Joss Whedon, David Boreanaz and the crew of Angel on the production of the 100th episode of the series.

"The idea of the show was redemption, and what it takes to win back a life when you've misused yours terribly. It's gone through a lot of different permutations. A lot of characters. A lot of different styles. But ultimately that has never left. Angel, to me, is so important, because it's about how an adult faces what they've done with their life, goes forward with it, overcomes it. Those are things that have a great deal of meaning to me."
Joss Whedon
December 4, 2003
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This site and the accompanying mailing list will focus on alternate universe fanfic, including fanfic in which Angel is no longer on the scene. How would Angel's absence affect the supporting characters?

What if Doyle had survived?

Are you tired of having your stories scorned as "alternate universe"? Here, we're "AU" and we're proud!

New series!

Angel: Changes in Seasons

What if Cordelia had the chance to go back in time?
(offsite link)

Absolution, Part I and
Absolution, Part II by
Minim Calibre

Is this an alternate Angel story, or an alternate Buffy the Vampire Slayer story? Well, a little bit of both. Mostly, it's just a terrific AU. Read it.

Jenny Kane's fic, including "Beloved Oracle," is now being archived at More Than Meets the Eye.

Beloved Oracle
Beloved Oracle and other stories by Jenny Kane

The first stories archived here are by featured author (and graphic artist)
Tammy Green

Editor of the series
Doyle Investigations

Curious about this story? Check out Doyle Investigations!
Since it's that time of year, you might want to start with Christmas Spirit.
Thanks to Tammy for the above graphic.

City Without by Tammy Green
City Without

What if Angel had said no?
Certificate of Merit award winner for Doyle fan fiction
The Substitute Teacher by Tammy Green
The Substitute Teacher

(Now complete!)

An answer to the challenge: What if Doyle had gone to Sunnydale looking for Angel?
Award winner

What if Faith died and the new slayer went to L.A., before "Hero"?
Blood and Fire by
Gabrielle Collins

What if Faith never went bad?
What if Angel never got back his soul?
What if Lindsey found his conscience?
What if Wolfram & Hart brought back Angelus?

Have a little Faith
Have A Little Faith
by FK

What if....
Buffy stopped Faith before she killed the Deputy Mayor?
Angel's curse took away a soul when he achieved perfect happiness, but it wasn't his own?
All the vampires had souls?
Check out

Shadow DancingShadow Dancing

Clear Visions

Clear Visions

What if Doyle had returned in the second season as the new oracle?

Enjoy these "Doyle as an oracle" stories:
Clear Visions


The New Order II: Still With Me by Viridian5

All characters and situations from the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" remain the property of 20th Century Fox, Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy et al. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Doyle Investigations
Doyle Investigations

In a world without Buffy or Angel, who will help the helpless?

Angel the Cyber Series
Angel: The Cyber Series

Re-starting December 1, 2000
A wrong will be made right.

The Power of ThreeThe Power of Three
What if Angel and Cordelia brought back Doyle by the use of magic, and as a result, the three of them found themselves bound together forever?
Note: The Power of Three series is rated "R."

alternate slayersAlternate Slayers

An Angel Among Us by Calliope

A new series set in Calliope's An Angel Among Us universe:
Second Chances
Second Chances
Doyle has a new destiny and a new face ... but is it a face that Cordelia could learn to love?
Please note that Second Chances contains MAJOR spoilers for An Angel Among Us.

Another "alternate Lindsey" series (this one C/L) is:
Forgiven by Perri Smith

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