OJ's Interest



I like golf because i used to play it better than everyone. Well! i mean in my family. I started play golf when i was in grade 5.


I am a fine art student. i used to think i can be a famous artist someday. When i was a little child i did a lot of drawings and created lots of things related with art. Now a day i can make real art by my hands because i had never touch a piece of clay or art tool before i take Cermics class. Also, i am planning to go to Emily Carr College after my high school grade.



Maybe i am a kind of weird person. i like taking pictures of weird stuffs, like shoes, toys, my reflection in the mirror... Well! I just like to take pictures of things i like. Sometimes if i can't have sometihng that i really want then i will take a picture as a memory and i could keep those things in my mind all the time.