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Welcome to the un-official website of Catherine Gluck. This web project has been undertaken without any express permission to do so, rather it is purely a consequence of my friendship with Catherine and a desire to build a website at which to share and celebrate her life achievements and to make available on the internet her written legacy in a manner consistent with the designs and purposes of her published works, namely, her autobiography and also the biography of her brother Frederick Lamberger, artist and illustrator.

I happenstance occasioned to meet Catherine on Good Friday 2004 at the bus stop near the famous 'water fountain' in the heart of Kings Cross, NSW Australia. Catherine was on her way to a day excursion in the Blue Mountains, and she commented twice over how much she admired my turquoise jersey dress featuring taupe lace overprint (made by Australian designer Charlie Brown). I instantly recognised that while senior in years, she was an ostensibly intelligent woman and full of vitality too. We eventually shared a taxi to Central railway station and she encouraged me to visit her on the weekend as she handed me her personal card, identifying herself as Court Interpreter, honoured with an Order of Australia and Justice of the Peace. She also told me that she was 97 years old, and the knowledge only served to increase my sense of awe at her capability, in old age and weakened frame, to exude so much interpersonal command by her whole presence. The next Sunday, I did pay Catherine a visit at her market stall, and eye-witnessed her published works which tell the story of her fascinating and interesting life; born in Hungary, graduated from the Sorbonne in Paris, and her subsequent migrant womens' experience in Sydney Australia. It was then that I committed to make a project of ensuring that Catherine's written works are made available on the internet in order that interested persons through posterity may always read about her life story as per her literary intentions.

While it is immensely tempting to romanticise  the image of a long-lived, well-learned, fully articulate woman of strong persona that Catherine is, I have endeavoured to create this webiste without any confabulations with respect to any gaps or 'unknowns', committing myself to a non-elaborated presentation of the original published works. Keeping in this vein, all information contained at this website herein, is directly lifted from information found in Catherine's writings. Websites featured at the
weblinks page are extraneous to Catherine's personal experiences, although they do serve to provide useful background information about her heritage and the momentous, mostly European cultural and political context which has shaped her reality.

Please do take the time to read and learn about Catherine's interesting life, and remember too that she is ultimately a creature of society who would be delighted to have your comments and feedback. Better still, perhaps you would like to have an original autographed copy of Catherine's books ... simply forward to Catherine a cheque together with your request and personal details by post. Catherine's address is provided at the
contacts page.

Though this is an un-official initiative, it is my hope that this website flourishes on the internet as a primary source of historical data; as a measure of general community interest in ethnic experiences; and as a tribute to the remarkable resilience and human spirit that Catherine has deigned to be.
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Verithe Luxley