Charming Samantha

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Poof! Poof! Poof! The kitchen felled with smoke and flame. It cleared quickly as two dark haired women and one with long flowing blonde hair and a cute little turned up nose appeared.

"What was that? Iíve been witch-napped! Sammy, this will never do! Iím going home." said the younger of the dark haired women. She threw her hands in the air, snapped his fingers and nothing happened. "Oh no! Iím having a major power failure! You try something Sammy!"

"All right Serena." the cute blond twitched her nose. Nothing happened. "Oh my stars! Whatís going on here? Where are we? This doesnít look like a place where witches are kidnapped to."

"Thatís a good question, Samantha. What has happened? I was at home with Larry, then I found myself here. I donít recognition anything except you and your cousin. This is like a dream." said Louise.

"THATíS IT. YOUíRE having a dream. None of this is real. Especially the part about the witches." said Samantha.

"Oh, yes! We all having a NIGHTMARE!" said Serena. "I need some witchís joy juice. NOW!" said Serena.

"Well, you might have to settle for a martini. Go check and see if thereís a bar in the other ro-o-o-o-m! Serena! Look at that newspaper." said Samantha in shock.

"SAN FRANCISCO! Been there many times. Did I ever tell you how the entire U.S.C. basketball team and I rode on top of the Market Street cable car! It was a blast. Real far out! Ha-ha-ha- ha-HA." laughed Serena.

"No Serena. Look at the date!" said Samantha quietly.

"March 24, Two Thousand! Great cosmic comets! Weíre in the future. And may I say, without any powers. Oh, Sammy. Weíre trapped and no place to go. Iím so depressed! Huf!" said Serena.

"Samantha. Have we traveled thirty plus years in the..uh..future!" asked Louise.

"Wweelllll! Itís just part of your dream. Go fix yourself a drink and Iíll join you later." said Sam.

"Come on. Louise, weíll have a party. Tell me how you met old Cotton Top!" said Serena.

"You mean Larry." said Louise.

"Yes, of course!" said Serena giggled.

Samantha went over to the basement door and picked up the phone. "Oh Darren. Still be there." she prayed.

She dialed her home number and they reported that that number did not exist.

Then she got the Connecticut operator and asked. "Darren Stephens, 1164 Morning Glory Circle, Westport."

"Iím sorry we have no listing." the operator replied.

Then she tried Larry Tate, Tabitha Stephens, Adam Stephens and finally McMahon and Tate.

"Surely the company is still around after all these years" thought Samantha. But even a couple of other agencies had never heard of McMahon and Tate even from thirty years ago. One fellow had heard of it, but questioned Samanthaís sanity.

"Good grief. We donít even seem to exist wherever we are. This is much too elaborate for some witchís revenge. It must be something else." thought Samantha.

"Sammy, oh, Sammy." cried Serena. "I found whoís domicile this is. There are three young women living here. Um, Piper, Prue and Phoebe Halliwell. And this one called Phoebe has some wild threads. Look at all this skin. You two can try the otherís closets. This girls wardrobe is MI-INE. OH you are so cute there, Serena darling." she said admiring herself in the mirror.

"Serena, we arenít here to have a fashion show," said Sam. "Well, you deal with this mess in your way. Iíll deal with it in mine.

.Besides without my powers, I HAVE to improvise." said Serena being cute "At least youíre in something drab. It suits you, my little mortal housewife cousin."

"Well, I .. anyway. What else is upstairs?" asked Sam.

"Just a few rooms and some stairs up to the attic. Iím going to check out he telly." said Serena. "Letís find out whatís going on!í said Serena.

"You and Louise do that. Iím going through those rooms looking for some answers." said Sam.

Most of the rooms were typical bedrooms. She really didnít know what to make of the personal computers. Prue was definitely a photographer, Piper ran some sort of business and Piper was a student. Northing too unusual  except that they seemed very independent for women. Then Samantha ventured up into the attic. It looked fairly normal. There was a book stand with a very old book on it. This really tweaked Samanthaís interest. She looked at the cover and it said "The Book of Shadows." Flipping through the pages she found spells of all kinds.

"OH MY STARS! These women are WITCHES!" She picked up the book and sat down to read.

Much later a somber Samantha came down to the living room. Louise Tate had long ago fallen asleep.

"Serena. We have to talk." said Samantha.

"Just a second, cuz. Look at this guy, he is nuts. And he is soooo cute. I think Iím in love with Jerry Springer. He brings all these strange humans on his show. I think he and I would do great." said Serena. "So whatís up, Sammy dear?"

"These women are sisters." said Sam.

"I could have told you that. Some kind of emancipated workaholics, Iíd say. No FUN whatsoever." said Serena.

"AND theyíre witches!" announced Samantha.

"Two words. IM-POSSIBLE. Unless theyíre into that DULL mortal thing you do with whatís his name!" said Serena. "I see no divine magical spark around here."

"Well, it seems they are three witches called the Charmed Ones. They have magical powers, but they only use it to battle evil warlocks and demons." explained Samantha.

"Warlocks may sometimes be no fun or spoil sports, but they arenít evil. Except for one fellow that..."

"Well, here any witch that turns evil is called a warlock. A witch can be male or female. And they are on the side of good. They canít use their powers for their own gain. Which explains the lack of "magical  divine as you put it. Each one of the sisters has one power. Moving  objects, freezing time or seeing the future." said Sam.

"Only one power? How provincial. Like I said no fun at all. This is a dull dull world. You go get them Jerry. Groovy!í said Serena turning her attention  to the television.

"Knock, knock" came a noise from the front door.

"Someoneís there. I guess I better ANSWER it." said Sam reluctantly.

"Yes!í she said answering the door.

"Hi sweetheart." he said giving her a kiss. Sam slapped him. "You better not do that again or MY husband will have a thing or two to say. See the ring? Now GO!" said Sam.

"Uh, Piper. Youíve never been married. I guess I should come back. Later. Why is Prue asleep on the couch?" asked Leo.

"MY arenít YOU cute! If you want to kiss someone," said Serena falling into his arms, "Iím game. Iím a happening chick! Come on gorgeous blue-eyes. Letís get grooving!"

"Wait! Wait! Nothing seems right here. Phoebe, itís Piper I love. And since when did Prue go on drinking binges? Piper, donít you love me anymore?" he asked  Sam.

"I..I am starting to get it. You really think Iím Piper and sheís Phoebe! Oh, thatís priceless. Weíve been switched. Itís starting to make sense, Serena!"

"Piper? What sort of name is Piper? Sounds likes youíre a rat exterminator. At least Phoebe and I have good taste in clothes. But if sheís me, then that little witch must have my powers. NO FAIR! I want them back, Sammy!" said  Serena stamping her foot.

"Hold it! Hold it! Youíre Samantha and youíre Serena? Whoís on the couch. Endora? Ladies either youíre putting on a very large practical joke or are you two from the Bewitched show?" asked Leo.

"I am Samantha Stephens. This is my cousin Serena and that is my good friend Louise Tate. But what is Bewitched? I never heard of that show? Is it on televison?" asked Samantha astonished.

"I wouldnít worry about that. You look to me like the Halliwell sisters. So they must be where you came from." said Leo.

"Thatís logical," said Sam.

"And how do we get back where we belong? I can not bear this place any longer not when I know someone else is using my wonderful powers. Umph!" said Serena pouting.

"If things switched like that. You have powers. Pick up that letter opener and tell me what you see, Serena" said Leo.

"I see a nasty old Far out. I never went in for drugs, but that was some trip." said Serena.

"Where did you go?" asked Sam confused.

"I just saw those Halliwell chicks fighting something with horns and they  killed it with that-that letter thing. That was one far out experience." Said Serena.

"That letter opener was use to kill a demon just last month. And you have the power to see events associated with inanimate objects. And you can cast spells to help deal with evil things too. Samantha, you can freeze objects and Mrs. Tate can move things with her mind." explained Leo.

"Huh. I could do all that if I wanted to. If I had MY powers." said Serena gloating.

Samantha threw a magazine in the air and froze it. "I got the hang of that quickly,  but I donít think Louise could deal with any powers. I have found mortals just donít have the knack to perform witchcraft." said Samantha.

"Agreed. Maybe we should concentrate on a spell to have you switch places." said Leo.

"Who are you anyway? An expert on witches?í asked Samantha.

"Oh you can be an expert on me anytime, blue eyes." said Serena.

"Iím like their guardian angel, but I lost my wings. And I am in love with Piper Halliwell." said Leo.

"Well, if you ever get tired of her, call me. Oh, I love those BLUE eyes." said Serena.

"We should check out the Book of Shadows. Itís in the attic." said Leo.

"Oh, no. Itís right here. I have some of the basics down, but I didnít see anything to send us back. Weíre stuck here in whatever this dimension is." said Samantha.

"So UNLESS this is THE TWILIGHT ZONE and youíre ROD SERLING,  I think weíre S. T. U. C. K. here. Kapesh?" stated Serena.

"No this is reality, of a sorts and since you three have the Halliwells magic. We can write any spell you want. The hard thing is if the wording is right and  if we have enough witchly power." said Leo.

"Well, Iíll give it a try. Where are we coming from and what do I call where we want to go?" asked Samantha.

"Oh, just describe it as from this world to yours and..." said Leo.

"Ow! Itís happening..again..." said Serena who was reduced to rolling on the floor.

:SERENA! OH, MY STARS! SERENA! Are you all right?" said Sam waving her hands in front of her.

"Relax. Sheís just having a premonition. They can be very disorienting when youíre not used to them. Serena. What did you see?" asked Leo.

"Oh bosh! Someone was appearing, letís see, over there and wanted something from me. My power mower, I think. Well, I DON"t even have one!" said Serena.

"Power mower?" asked Samantha screwing up her face.

"IF itís a warlock, he probably wants her power and should appear there any moment. Samantha youíll have to freeze him." said Leo.

"Iíll try, but Iím not used to these.." said Samantha.

"Good evening Charmed Ones." said a demon appearing in front of them. I am here for your..."

"Freeze, Mister." said Samantha. "Well, done. I must say."

"Good shooting there, Tex. Now itís my turn." said Serena.

"Um, what are you..." said Leo.
"Cattle and cows,
doe and buck,
first your a thing,
now youíre a duck!"
To Leoís surprise, the spell worked.

"HA-ha-ha-ha-ha. You are such a genius Serena! With any powers." She laughed hardily at herself.

"A duck. Thatís not the usual send-them-to-hell routine, but it will do the job." admitted Leo.

"Thatís Serena for you. Her own kind of style. And if you get hungry, you can always fricassee it. Ha-ha." said Samantha. "Well, Darren never liked any of my attempts at slogans anyway. AND I do have to get back to him. Serena, any ideas?" Asked Samantha.

"Since my magic of SOME kind is working, I am going to try to get us out of this D-u-l-l world. Ready Sammy? So long, blue eyes!" said Serena ogling Leo.
"From our world
and everything in between,
Iíve had enough,
Letís bl-ooo-w this scene!"
"Tw-aaannng!" said some unseen sound source.

"I didnít like the sound of that sound." said Samantha still standing in Halliwell Manor.

"Oh double bother. Nothing!" said Serena. "I guess..<Sniff> Iíve lost it.!"

"Donít give up hope yet. Let Sam try! Cross your fingers!" said Sam.

"From the East, South, West and North,
Bring me spirits to transport,
Witches are where they are to be,
Change them with Serena and me,
Halliwell returen to their rightful place,
Occurpying their original speace.
Send us now to the Strephenís home,
And no longer let us rome."
Poof! Poof! Poof! The living room felled with smoke and flame As it cleared, Samantha and Serena were waving their arms trying to clear the smoke.

"Triple bother. We didnít move and inch." siad Serena. "That was all fireworks and no fizzle there cuz." said Serena in her nasal voice.

"W-w-e-e-l-l, I tried. Iím sorry Serena, but Iíve got a pooped popper, too. And Iím all out of ideas. Oh, Darrin. Iím trying to get home! And Tabitha, too. Mommy wants to get  home!" she cried to the ceiling.

"Darrin, probably thinks Piper is you. Just like you. Think.." said Leo.

"PLEASE. Give me some good news." said Sam.


"What was that?" asked Serena.

"Just the moden telephone. Iíll get it. Hello. No I donít think sheís available.

No. I donít thnk she can do that. Oh. Oh. OK. Weíll be right over. Thanks, Paul. Bye." said Leo.

"It seems the Health Inspector will be down at Piperís, I mean, your club and he needs Piperís assurance NOW or heís going to close down the place. Samantha, I need Piperís image down at the club. Can you help Piper out?" asked Leo.

"I guess I might as well try. Maybe something will occur to me while were out. We canít leave sleeping beauty there. Come on Serena and help me out." Said Samantha.

"A club. Sammy, you own a club here? What kind, blue eyes?" she asked excitedly.

"Current comptemporary music. Thereís a DJ, I man a disk jockey there tonight." said Leo.

"Sounds Mar-VEL-ous. LEW-EASE. LEW-EASE. Get up. Itís ladies night out." said Serena.

Ď"Uh, who, what. Why am I still dreaming in the daytime?"asked Louise yawning.

"Oh, Louise. Youíre still dreaming. But we have to move your dream to the club. Come on, Louise." said Samantha.

Leo put them all in Piperís Cherokee and headed for the club.

When they pulled into the parking lot, Serena called out to the crowd. "Hello, hello! The partyís ready to start. SER-EN-A is HERE!"

"Serena, youíre Phoebe remember." said Leo..

"Oh yea. WELL PHE-BE is here and her potís going to BOIL!" she said jumping out of the car and running into the club.

"Why P3?" asked Sam.

"Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Also their coven is known as the Power or Three. P3, get it?" said Leo.

"Sounds logical. And I remember Iím Piper. And Louise, youíre Prue!" said Samantha

"Why, Samantha? Itís my dream." said Louise.

"Just trust me. Youíll get along much better. All right who am I supposed to see?" asked Sam.

"Oh Piper. Iím so glad youíre here. Where are the extra cases of Heineken? Some college fraternity is haveing a run on it now!" said Paul running over to Samantha.

"Uh, in the back?" asked Samantha making a face.

"Look in the storage locker in the alley." said Leo.

"Right, thanks Leo. Piper, the guy in the office wants to talk to you." said Paul running for the alley.

"Just follow my lead. This shouldnít be too hard. I know this fellow." said Leo.

"Iím RIGHT behind you. Whereís Serena?" asked Samantha.

"Sheís just doing what she always does, have fun." said Leo.

In Piperís office, "Miss Halliwell. I received a disturbing report of a filthy buffet table and visibly dirty waiters. I had to  check it out immediately." said the inspector.

"Well, of course you did.í said Sam unsure of herself.

"I know who made that report. It was on Thursday, right?" asked Leo.

"Yes. Yes, it was." he said.

"Harold Maxwell. He was an underage college freshman. I threw him out myself when he got a little abusive. He was just getting back at us. Miss Halliwell is an exemplary tavern keeper. She would never stand for what was reported." said Leo.

"Oh, no I would never stand Iíd put on my wide hip boots and walk right over that dirt right out of here. Iíd get out my sweeping and it would be blowing in the wind that is." said Samantha enthusiastically.

"Yes. Of course. Miss Halliwell, I have always found you most cooperative. Even over at Quakeís, you ran a tight ship and were a pleasure to work with. I found no violations tonight. Just give me your assurances that it never occurred and wonít in the future and I will write up a favorable report." said the health inspector.

"You want my assurance, you have it. No more dirt. Iíll keep on top of my um..staff. T3 will be the best bar in town." said Samantha.

"T3?" he asked confused.

"P3, she means. And you have your assurances." said Leo.

"Fine, then Iíll bid you good night. Miss Halliwell. Mr. Wyatt." said the inspector.

"T3?" asked Leo after the inspector had left.

"Well, I have only owned this place for ten minutes. So howíd I do?" said Samantha with a big smile.

"Just great. If you werenít married to Darren, Iíd give you a big fat kiss. You look like the woman I love anyway." said Leo.

"How about a hand shake and some more help getting us back home!" suggested the witch from Westport.

"Deal." said Leo as they walked out onto the dance floor. Everything seemed wilder than usual.

"So how do you know so much about me and my family since Iím from another world?"
Asked Samantha.

"Believe me. You DONíT want to know!" said Leo with a smile.

Sam smiled back and shrugged.

"Where did all those wild colored lights come from? asked Leo.

"I donít know. They just came on when Phoebe got up on that table to dance." said Paul.

"Serena!" whispered Samantha.

"Iíll take care of it." said Leo.

"Uh, Phoebe. Get down and turn off those extra lights. This isnít the Sixties you know," cried Leo over the loud music.

"HI THERE! BLUE EYES! THIS MUSIC IS GREAT! WE JUST NEEDED A LITTLE AT-MOST-FEAR. Come on up at letís go get high! I feel just like heading to the moon. WE SHALL O-VER-COME! COME ON, SAMMY! BUNNY HOP UP HERE! WHO-A-OO> YEA, BABY" Serena cried at the top of her voice.

"How do I get her down?" asked Leo.

"Wweellll! She kind of has to wind down on her own!" said Samantha. "Serena GET DOWN HERE!"

"No you party pooper. Me and my friends are going to dance the night away. Like where the action is, yea. Baby!" she said spinning around. "Sock it to me!"

Poof! Poof! Poof! P3 filled with smoke and flame. The smoke cleared and Samantha, Serena and Louise found themselves back in the Stephensí kitchen.

"MOTHER! You did it, didnít you. OH am I glad you did!" yelled Samantha.

"HA-ha-ha-ha. A Mother always looks after her daughter. These poor pathetic evil whatís-it chasers couldnít even get into the next dimension. "I" sent them packing." said Endora.

"OH-OH Endorea. I could just KISS you." said Serena.

"Please hold the melodramatics. Just say Thank you" and be gone." said Endora.
"Fine. Be that way, THANK YOU! So long super-bitch. BYE SAMMY!" said Serena as she popped out.
"What was all of that?"asked a very confused Louise Tate.

Endora zapped her and she disappeared.

"What was that for?" asked Samantha.

"Oh, that third poor excuse for a witch was very happily celebrating with Larry Tate and now his wife is doing the same. Sheíll have forgotten everything. Mother took care of her." said Endora.

"Poor Louise. Well, thank you .again Mother. Iím going to go see my husband and daughter. Bye!í said Samantha happily going up the stairs. "Too bad it wasnít DUR-WOOD who disappeared. But then maybe another time. Off to Bangkok for the boat races. Ta!" said Endora as she disappeared.

Upstairs Samantha looked into Tabithaís room. Clara was asleep next to Tabathaís crib. And Darren had passed out reading a book on their bed.

"Aw, look at that. Theyíre so cute.í said Samantha.

"Oh hi, Sam. Are you coming tho bed?" asked Darren as he awoke form his slumber.

"You look just lovely tonight, just like the first time I ever laid eyes on you in that revolving door. I just DONíT know what you did to me?" he asked kissing her.

"Something now tells me that you were bewitched." said Samantha.

"Isnít it the true. Come here you little witch." said Darren.

"Oh, I LIKE the sound of that." cooed Samantha as she reached to turn off the lights. Sweet dreams.