Two Hearts, One Beat

Two hearts, one beat.
Together we hear, together they seem.
“Well, here we are.” Leo smiled as he took the blindfold off Piper’s eyes. She gaped at the scenery, speechless.

“Leo…it’s, it’s beautiful!” She finally found words.

“I was hoping you’d feel that way.” He said, pulling out a bottle of champagne from behind his back, he grinned slyly.

“And what is that?” Piper asked, a smile growing on her own face.

“A celebration.” Leo commented.

“On what?” Piper raised an eyebrow.

“To our independence, finally.” Leo popped the lid, and poured the champagne into two fluted glasses.
Seeing is believing, and feeling forever that way.
The heart beats madly with love, it beats for you.
“Do you think Prue and Phoebe are all that mad at us?” Leo asked.

“They’ll understand, one day when they have their own families, they’ll understand.” Piper reassured him, stroking his face. They lay together on the grass, gazing up at the stars.

“I can hope, I mean, I love your sisters and all, but, living with them for eternity?” Leo asked. Piper laughed at the notion.

“Not your idea of heaven.” She laughed.
Heaven is above, up there with the stars
But, you’re beside me, I’ve got heaven in my arms
“Should we sing?” Piper laughed at her own idea, watching the stars go shooting by.

“Like what?” Leo asked dryly.

“Oh, I don’t know….” Piper began, then paused, and burst out in a melody. “Twinkle twinkle little star…” She then stopped as she burst into a pitch of giggles.

“I say we leave the singing to the professionals.” Leo suggested.

“And I agree.” Piper wrinkled up her nose and nodded.

“Let’s just stick to loving each other…for eternity.” Leo smiled.
Forever can’t be long enough.
Not when I’m with you.

The stars above shine for us, you know it just for us.
And I wanna spend eternity in your arms
“I really could just stay like this forever.” Piper commented, as she shifted in Leo’s arms.

“I almost wish we could.” Leo added.

“Almost?” Piper doubtfully asked.

“Well, wouldn’t it get a bit boring?” Leo asked.

“I guess we’ll just settle for tonight then.” Piper snuggled into his chest.
Forever with you, is what I want,
And when I want it, I go and get it.
“I love you Leo.” Piper mumbled as she fell asleep.

“I love you Piper.” Leo whispered back, stroking her hair.
Love is what we have, and love is what we’ll keep.
Keep it in your heart, forever for me.