Unspoken Words

"So,tell me again why we went to the magic shop again Pheebs?" asked Piper folding her arms across her chest.

"We need more rosemary and euculyptus stuff for our spells,and I thought we could buy a little mini spell book so that we could copy down more spells into our book of Shadows.Maybe they'll actually help us come up with new ways to destroy our demons!You know?"said Phoebe as she paced infront of a book shelf.

Piper and Phoebe were at Caveland's Magic shop in Sanfransisco. Pruedence was off doing her photography.And Leo?Well,Leo still remained a mystery.Whatever little whitelighter boy himself was up to was up to him.Or so Piper guessed.She wished that she could be let in on on all this whitelighter stuff since Leo and her were married but Leo had told her that it was suppose to remain secret.Piper of coarse wasn't too thrilled about that.

"I think we have plenty of spells in our book of Shadows though.Of what mom wrote in there and you've written in there so far."Piper protested.

Phoebe picked up a dinky spell book off the shelf and started to page through it."But I'm not mom,and I don't want to be the only one writing in the book anyways."Phoebe retorted.

"I know you're not mom and hey!Mom wasn't the only one who wrote in that book of Shadows besides you!Grams wrote in that thing too!"Piper shot back her eyes blazing.Piper was a little upset on how Phoebe had insulted their mother and their grandma.
"Right.Grams."Phoebe said with a little sad smile.

Piper felt slightly sorry then for have yelling at her sister like that.Phoebe had never got to know their mother.Their mom had died when they were very young.Phoebe had only gotten to know their grandma.Piper couldn't believe that she had forgotten.
"Alright Pheebs you have a point,but who says that these spells are going to work that you'll be copying in?"Piper asked.
As Phoebe went up to pay for the mini spell book she shrugged her shoulders."We'll make it work."
Up in the clouds above in heaven the Halliwell's sisters mom Patty was talking to Leo their whitelighter.

"Leo,you know that I'm glad that you married Piper.Plus you know how much I love my daughters,right?"Patty asked.

Leo nodded his head yes and kept on listening intently.

"However,my daughter are afraid to be anything like me because I died at such a young adult age,and they don't want to die like I did!Phoebe doesn't even want to write spells in the book of Shadows anymore like Grams and me did!"Patty exclaimed her eyes starting to fill with tears.

Leo frowned slightly,but looked at her with sympathy in his eyes.

"Daughters are suppose to act just a teeny bit or so more like their mothers!......Especially,MY daughters!"Patty said.She sniffled and then continued."You have to make them see that Leo.Speak the words that I never spoke to them.Words that I've told you today that I should've told them before I died! Even though Phoebe would've been too little to understand at that age."Patty stifled a sob.Then she just let the tears over take her.

Leo closed the distance between them in three long strides. He wrapped his arms around her and gently held her as she cried and cried on his shoulder.

"I'll tell them Patty.For your sake and theirs.I'll tell them."

They stayed like that for a while then Leo orbed away.

Piper,Phoebe,and Pruedence returned from their busy day to find Leo sitting in the foyer.

"Leo,what's happening man?! Where've you been?"asked Phoebe.She ran,vaulted over the couch,and then plopped herself down on the couch.

Prue looked at him curiously.

Piper ran over to him,threw her arms around him,said,"Hi sweetie!",kissed him,and then dropped her feet to the floor.

Leo kissed Piper back softly then said,"I have an important message from your mother."

Piper released her arms from Leo and took a step back shakily.Like she didn't even know him.There mother? How?

Pruedence looked clearly taken aback.

Phoebe dropped the mini spell book she had bought for their book of Shadows."Our mother?.....Leo,how? I mean,Leo,our mom is dead."Phoebe whispered not really wanting the words to come out.

"I talked to her up in heaven."Leo told the three charmed ones.

"You took a trip up to heaven to visit our mother and you didn't tell us?"asked Pruedence in disbelief.

Leo nodded his head.

"Leo!How could you?!"Piper scolded.

Leo looked at Piper,"I'm sorry.She asked me to last night in a dream so I went."

Piper looked at Leo all ashen."And you didn't tell me.Most,....you know loyal husbands would've told their wives."

Leo's eyes went wide."Piper it was suppose to be strictly whitelighter buisness.Your mother said so in the dream when she visited me for a brief moment!"

"Leo,still.....you know she's our mother and how much she means to us."Prue said in retort.

Suddenly Cole blinked into the room.

"Cole!"exclaimed Phoebe and ran into his arms.

Cole hugged her.Leo threw Cole an annoyed look.

Cole let Phoebe ago and turned to Leo and the others."Am I interrupting something?"

Leo,Piper,and Prue nodded their heads.

"Sorry."mumbled Cole.

Phoebe grinned.

Leo sighed,"It's alright.I'll just tell them later."

Words that were meant to be spoken would be unspoken words for now.

Patty Halliwell was not pleased with Leo when she reappeared in his dream again that night.Leo sighed.Looks like there would be no dreaming about his beautiful wife Piper tonight!

"You didn't tell them did you Leo?"asked Patty folding her arms across her chest.

Leo looked away.He couldn't meet her gaze.

Patty gave Leo a stern look,"Leo?"she said warningly.

"No I didn't! I couldn't! They wouldn't listen to me. That and the fact that Cole showed up pretty much ruined everything."Leo said.
Patty looked at Leo and shook her head sadly like a mother would her son. Leo was just her son-in-law.

"Oh,Leo. How do ever expect my daughters to start acting like me if you don't even give them my message?" Patty was all ashen.
Leo felt like he'd just been kicked in the stomach. Whitelighter failure number 12:upsetting the mother-in-law.

Leo then mumbled."Sometimes it's better if they words remain unspoken and they figure it out themselves. That's what I've learned from Piper over the past three years."

Patty looked at him firmly and said,"My daughters haven't figured it out for themselves yet at all! It's been a whole bunch of years Leo since I died and they still haven't figured it out!"

Leo felt like he'd been kicked in the stomach again. He felt like he had failed. However,he knew these charmed one. They'd figure it out. Eventually.

Leo looked down at the ground."So you want me to try again then? Speak your unspoken words to them which should have been spoken years ago."

Patty nodded her head."Yes,Leo. Try,try,try again.Make them listen!Start by telling Piper first. She's your wife and my middle daughter. She'll listen to you. Plus since she's the rock of this family her sisters Prue and Phoebe will listen to her."

Leo finally looked her in the eyes,"And you're sure of this?"

Patty looked down at the ground now. Was she really sure? She didn't even know anymore,yet some how in her heart she was sure.
"Yes."Patty finally answered.

Leo nodded his head then."I'll do that then Patty. I'll do it for you."

Patty then shimmered out of his dream. Leo just stood there. He only hoped that Patty was right.

It was soon morning. Leo woke up with the feeling of hope and mission all rolled into one. Leo was on a mission for Patty the mother of the charmed ones. What she had said in the dream to him the night before had been unspoken words to her daughters. Words that Leo had to say to Piper so she could tell her sisters now. He sat up and looked over at his wife Piper. She layed there on her side sleeping peacefully. Her hair cascading over her shoulders a teeny bit. A smile of happiness upon her face. He wondered how he should wake her.

As if to answer his question Piper slowly opened her eyes and looked up into Leo's. A soft delighted smile upon her face.
"Hey."whispered Leo.

"H-mmmmmm......morning."Piper sighed deeply.

Piper waited a beat for Leo to do something more. Something which he always did every morning after they both were up. Kiss her. However, for some odd reason this morning the kiss wasn't coming right away as usual. Piper sat up then curiously,wondering what was wrong.

"Leo,are you okay? What's going on?"Piper asked him looking straight in the eyes.

"Your mother appeared to me in a dream again last night."Leo told her solemnly.

Piper looked off to the side.Tears were slowly starting to form in her eyes but she blinked them away fast."Leo,our mother's dead. You know that. How could she have spoken to you in a dream?"

It felt strange to her and way out of place. Her mother talking to Leo their whitelighter?! It made no since. Why not Pruedence,or Phoebe,or even her?

Piper felt so confused.

So lost.

"Piper,look I know she's dead,but you have to listen to me. People from heaven can talk to other people in ceartin ways if it serves their purpose. One of the most popular certain ways is through dreams. She wants me to give you a message for you and your sisters."Leo explained.

Piper blinked away another set of tears.Leo wanted to hold her and kiss them away. He knew it was hard for Piper to be hearing things about her mother right now because she was dead.

"Why you and not appearing to me and my sisters?"Piper asked.

Leo furrowed his brow. He really didn't have an answer to that. Patty never really did tell him why come to him and not her daughters instead.

"I don't know."Leo finally answered.

"Oh,yeah. That's a really good explaination. Typical whitelighter thinking."Piper said sarcastically.

Leo felt like he'd just been slapped across the face,but he kept at it. This had to be said. These unspoken words had to finally be said.

For Patty's sake. For their mothers sake.

"Piper,you have to believe me."Leo pleaded.

Piper turned and faced him,"I do believe you,Leo. I'm just so confused right now."

Leo nodded his head.

"So do you want me to tell you or not?"Leo then asked.

"Well,now that you've already started you better. Otherwise you just made me start crying for nothing."Piper told him.

"Your mother says that she wants you and your sisters to start acting like her more. You're her daughters,and daughters are suppose to be like their mothers. However,you're too scared to even be anything close to resembling her except for being a witch because you don't want the same fatal death that she had."Leo started.

"Can you really blame us? I mean it was pretty horrible the way she died and everything."Piper shot back.

"But you're not your mother. Your name isn't Patty. You probably won't even die the same way she did!Look,she wants you to start acting like her in rememberance of her. She's your mother after all. It's time you be more like her.She loves you."Leo finished speaking the unspoken words to Piper that should have been spoken by their mother years ago.

Piper looked at Leo and whispered."Where do we begin?"

Leo gently wrapped his arms around her and held her and hugged her. Gently he kissed the top of her head.

"First we tell your sisters and then we start from there."Leo told her.

Piper narrowed her eyes. Tell her sisters? Oh,yeah,like they were ever going to believe them.Ho-hum.

In the kitchen Prue was already drinking her cup of coffee that morning while Phoebe was feeding their cat Kit. Leo and Piper came down the stairs into the kitchen with the look of something instead of nothing on their faces.

"Alright somebody spill otherwise I'm taking you both to the hospital."Prue ordered looking up from her coffee and into their faces. You could already feel the tension that was building in that room.

"A little harsh are we this morning Prue?"asked Phoebe as she got up from setting the cat dish on the floor. Kit came running over by the bowl eagarly.

"Hey,after what happened last night with the talk that we had about our mother why shouldn't I?"asked Prue.

"Good point."said Phoebe.She turned to her middle sis and Leo."Start spilling."

Piper opened her mouth and let everything tumble out in a rush. Leo knew that she was nervous in saying this but it had to be said. For unspoken words can not remain unspoken forever.

After spilling to her sisters what their mother and Leo had to them Prue and Pheebs didn't know what to say. They just remained speechless.

"Maybe we should go?You know let my sisters have a minute alone or something?"Piper suggested. She whispered daintily in his ear.

"Sure."Leo whispered back.

They let them be for a while. This really needed to sink in. For Piper and Leo it already had. The unspoken words had finally been said. Leo hoped that Patty was glad.

The End 1