Cathi Alcantar
From Dale Jr. High and Magnolia High School
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I enjoyed high school days. I found the social aspect to be the most appealing as a kid!  After high school I became The Metro League Queen, which was the beauty Queen for College baseball and sat in the dug out at the Angel's stadium for a game, and took pictures w/ all of the cute All Star guys after the game. They were a bunch of sweet guys! I attended college, got married and raised a family. I continued w/ my education and got my AA degree in a psychology field. 90 units towards my bachelor's  degree. My goal WAS to become a Cognitive Behavior Therapist as a social worker. I have a passion for psychology. I am also a creative writer of short stories and plan to pursue the publishing of my stories.  Family is of utmost importance in life, and growth of a person's emotional and spiritual awareness is vital.  I have changed my goals, as life throws many curves. Instead of becoming a therapist, I work  and pursue a career in writing! Look for yourselves in my books, as every memory is embedded in the mind of a writer and we utilize memories in order to create! See you in my stories!  Cat
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I believe that learning is extremely important as is developing one's spirituality. We must all strive to become better and better human beings and try not to over distract ourselves w/ things that truly are not life's priorities. I fall short of this all too often. Must remain centered and balanced.
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Meditation or deep relaxation is good for the soul and mind, daily. Self-evaluation on a regular basis helps one to grow and to come to terms with who you are and what you want to become as a  person. Of course, I fall short (!) all of the time, but somehow, I just pick myself up and keep on going, one step at a time. As my grandma said, "Don't feel like getting up? GET UP and put one foot in front of the other."
Cathi, February 14, 2003
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         Cathi Alcantar
Mother/student/writer/singer, work.  Divorced.
Magnolia's Class of 1972 is WONDERFUL!
Favorite shows: Friends, Fraiser, Discovery Channel, Documentaries
Robert Dinero, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn
Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, Jodie Foster
Musical Artist: 
Classical music
You've Got Mail & good psychological dramas.
Fun Things: movies/museums/music/singing/writing/
dinner (all types of food)/dancing/amusement parks/reading/LISTENING TO ERIC COMPOSE CLASSICAL MUSIC ON THE SPOT IS A FAVORITE!!
Lil Cat
I am  divorced. Boyfriend, Eric.
Cathi and Eric
I'm single. It is interesting to be single again. I find it enjoyable. I don't know what the future holds for me. I am interested in finding a career in writing or utilizing my degree in psychology as an assistant behavior therapist or counselor. In my personal life, I truly want a man whom will make my family complete. Perhaps this is a dream. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful experience raising my children. It was the best thing that I ever did. I love them w/ all my heart. It is not w/out heartbreak, but they are the love of my life and they are good hearted, intelligent and wonderful human beings. I wish that I could have sent them to Harvard or Notre Dame, as they would have liked, but not everyone is privileged monetarily that way. They are highly intelligent. They have their education and their lives ahead of them. Family is most important along with peace of mind.
Need a band or singer? E-mail me. I need the money and enjoy singing. Any guitar player/singers, sax and keyboard players contact me if you want to work. I work aside from music, but need a side job in music to make more money. I have music connections for casuals and club work.
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