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The primary purpose of Catholic Thoughts is to share the Catholic faith I know and love with others that we "all may be one".

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April 25, 2006
Saddly, I ended the updating of my blog last May in order to better concentrate upon my seminary formation. All the old posts are still there, though, preserved forever in happy memory.

August 20, 2003
My Blog begins. The repeated visits of particular family members should increase my page view totals dramatically. What's 300% more than zero?

June 15, 2003
Catholic Thoughts hits the net.


I am pleased to see this website online. I've put many hours into it to make it presentable. Take a look around.

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Why Be Catholic?
This is my answer to why a Protestant believer ought to feel drawn to the Catholic Church. In a word, the Eucharist.

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This essay answers typical questions about Catholicism in regards to Mary and the saints.

On Celibacy
This essay is on the Christian origins and reasons for a celibate priesthood.

Spirituality Vs. Religion?
This essay concerns the relationship between Christian spirituality and religion.

Catholic Thoughts Blog
This was my web-log about the first two years of my life at seminary (May 2003 to August 2005). I'm still in seminary until 2009, so please send a prayer my way.


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