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The Pope section is devoted to thoughts on the Papacy and Pope John Paul II.

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The Pope-
The successor of St. Peter as Bishop of Rome and Supreme Pontiff of the universal Catholic Church. The pope exercises a primacy of authority as Vicar of Christ and shepherd of the whole Church; he receives the divine assistance promised by Christ to the Church when he defines infallibly a doctrine of faith or morals.

(From the Glossary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church)

The Papacy-
The supreme jurisdiction and ministry of the pope as shepherd of the whole Church. As successor of St. Peter, and therefore Bishop of Rome and Vicar of Christ, the pope is the perpetual and visible principle of unity in faith and communion in the Church.

(From the Glossary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church)
The Pope and one of his Swiss guards

The Pope and The Papacy

Papal Infallibility

A selection from Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic about the infallibility of the pope, who Catholics consider the direct successor of St. Peter and the leader of Jesus' church.

The Suffering Servant

Pope John Paul II hears God's call to persevere as a suffering servant before the world. This article explains why many want the pope to retire, and how Providence is at work through what he endures.

The Pope in the News
Get the latest news on Pope John Paul II.

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