Wilton Method Cake Decorating by Cathy Nance
Inducted into the Wilton Hall of Fame 2008
Hobby Lobby:
2417 West Main 366-7783
Central OKC 6104 W Reno 495-3622

South OKC 
1441 W 240 684-9169
Norman 520 Ed Noble Pkwy 579-0555
North OKC 5012 N May 942-8920

Cathy Nance -Instructo
Special Project Classes

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Cake decorating can be a fun and creative outlet for your imagination!

Come join us and begin a new adventure.

Save money by making your own cakes!

Learn a new skill that will take you to new places.

Register for classes at the customer service desk.

Class size is limited
Class Schedule
Michael's South OKC
Course 1
Sundays 3-5  November 8
Course 3
Sundays 5-7 October 11
Fondant and Gum Paste
Sundays 3-5  October 11
Sundays 5-7 November 8

Michael's Norman
Course 1
Saturdays 9-11 Oct 10
Course 2
Saturdays 11-1  October 10
Saturdays 9-11 November 7
Course 3
Saturdays 11-1  November 7

Michael's North OKC
Course 2
Sundays 10-12 October 11
Course 3
Sundays 12-2 October 11
Sundays 10-12 November 8
Fondant and Gum Paste
Sundays 12-2 November 8

Hobby Lobby Norman
Course 1

Tuesdays 9-11 Oct 6
Tuesday 4-6 Oct 6
Thursdays 9-11 Oct 8
November to be announced

Hobby Lobby Oklahoma City
Course 1
Fridays 9-11  Oct 9
Course 2

Wednesdays 9-11 - Oct 7
Saturdays 2-4 Oct 10

November to be announced
Course 1
Focuses on basic skills and techniques, from icing prep and simple borders to roses.
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Course 2
Teaches more borders and flowers. 8 different flowers including pansies, mums and daisies. You will learn basketweave and color flow
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What to bring to course 2
Cathy Nance
Course 3
Introduces rolled fondant, advanced flowers, lily nail flowers (lilies, poinsettias, petunias and more) as well as tiered cake assembly.
Willowbrook Gallery
Spring Gallery
Student Cakes
Cakes Gallery
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Fondant and Gum Paste
Introduces gum paste, Carnations, daisys, fantasy flowers, ribbons, favor boxes and more!
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Michael's and Hobby Lobby
Other classes offered include: airbrushing, gingerbread, cookie and candy.