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Welcome to my website - I am a huge fan of 80's cartoons and wish that I could still watch them now, so when I went looking around the internet to try and find some pictures and screencaps for some of my fav cartoons I found it hard to get good ones.
So after much searching I have put together images for just some of the many 80's cartoons that people still love today.


The following is a list of websites where I got a lot of the
images on this site from, many of them put a lot of hard
work into making the screencaps so please visit their sites.
* Astroboy Cartoons
Castle Greyskull
Purrsia's Thundercat Fan Fiction
Rainbow Brite 2002
Rainbow Land
The Technodrome
Moondancers Dream                           
* Care Bear Dreamland
* We Luv Care Bears                            

If you feel like any of the images on this site own to you please
email me and i'll add a link to your website. (remove nospam to email)

If some of the links to the right aren't working yet it is because I have not uploaded all of the images yet, this page is a work-in-progress and will be updated regularly.
I will be constantly updating this website - it will never be finished!! As long as I keep getting visitors and I keep finding more and more images it will always be here and constantly be changing.
If you would like to know when this site is updated please join the mailing list and i'll let you know when new images are uploaded and you can also post messages about what images and cartoons you would like me to add.
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6 April 2005 - I've added the results for the last poll and also added a new poll.

8 January 2005 - I've added the results for the previous poll and also added a new poll, this time about Masters of the Universe!

20 November 2004 - I've added the results for the last poll and added the new poll.

31 August 2004 - I've added the new Poll, I've also added the poll results below for your fav Cartoon Villan, Shrieky and Beastly won by 10 votes!

6 July 2004 - I have added over 100 new Care Bears images to the site as well as a new link to We Love Care Bears! Please visit the site as it is awesome!!


Who is your favourite He-man/MOTU character?: Cringer/Battle Cat
Who is your favourite Thundercats character?: CHEETARA
What cartoon do you want on DVD?: CARE BEARS
Who is your favourite Cartoon Villan?: SHRIEKY/BEASTLY (Care Bears)
Who is your favourite TMNT character?: MICHELANGELO
What is your favourite 80's "boy" cartoon?: THUNDERCATS
What is your favourite 80's "girlie" cartoon?: CARE BEARS
What cartoon would you like me to add next to this website?: POUND PUPPIES
Who was your favourite Chipmunk?
Alvin (chipmunk)
Simon (chipmunk)
Theodore (chipmunk)
Brittany (chipette)
Jeanette (chipette)
Eleanor (chipette)
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