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The One
Chapter 1
  Walking down the serene, suburban road that was Route 28, it was hard to believe that only three days ago, only seventy-two hours before, a certain young pokemon trainer had shattered records and had given the surrounding audience the show of a lifetime.  And for that pokemon trainer, a fairytale dream was coming true.  Now, Ash Ketchum, future pokemon master and present champion of the Johto League Competition, was finally going home to the east, home to Pallet Town. 
   “Piii KAaa!” 
   There was Ash’s trusty pokemon companion, Pikachu. He had been bouncing up and down the whole way along Route 28, full of happiness for his human friend.  There was a small hill up ahead on the woodsy rural road, where something caught Pikachu’s eye.  The small yellow mouse-like creature galloped ahead of the group.
    Ash: “Hey Pikachu.  Wait up!”
    Ash ran ahead, curious to see what was so interesting to his friend.  He held tightly onto the red and white pokemon league cap resting on his head as a gentle breeze threatened to brush it off.
    “Hey Ash, wait for me!”  That was Misty, Misty Waterflower from the Cerulean City Pokemon gym and the youngest of the Four Sensational Sisters, not to mention an avid water pokemon lover.  With a determined look on her face, she wasn’t about to let Ash get ahead of her on the scoop, whether it was a big deal or not.
    “Don’t forget me back here!”  Last and oldest in the pack, but certainly not least, came Brock.  Brock Slate came from Pewter City had reigned as Pewter City Pokemon Gym leader until his father returned, taking Brock’s place as guardian of his younger siblings as well as gym leader while Brock traveled with Ash and Misty. That wasn’t all though.  His hobbies included flirting with Nurse Joy(s), pokemon breeding, and lovely women, in no particular order of course.  He was somewhat like the big brother of the group, looking out responsibly for Ash and Misty as if they were two of his real life eleven brothers and sisters.  Well, he was responsible until a pretty girl came into the picture.
    As Pikachu reached the top of the hill, he turned his little head to the right and stared over the rolling green hills in awe. 
    Ash reached him only seconds later.  “Really Pikachu, what was the big rush?  I don’t see anything…up, here.  Wow.”  In mid sentence, he had turned his head too to see just what was enchanting Pikachu so much. 
    It was the sun.  The light from its rays was dazzling, gleaming with oranges, golds, magentas, and ruby reds.  It was simply mesmerizing.
    Finally, Misty and Brock caught up with Ash and Pikachu on top of the hill. 
    Misty [directing toward Ash]: “And just what on Earth was soooooooo amazing that you all had to run up here to catch it before it set out for another place?”
    Ash was still staring at the beauty in the sky.  “It’s setting right now.”
    Misty: “Wha?”
    Ash: “Look Misty.  Look right out over those hills.”
    That’s when Misty calmed down and finally turned her head to see what Ash, Brock, and Pikachu had started staring at.  The sky was illuminated, bursting with fiery hues. The setting sun cast a glow over the land, leaving shadows of increasing darkness as it proceeded downward, being slowly swallowed whole by the earth.
    That’s when Ash looked over at Misty.  The young girl of fifteen stood eye to eye with him, maybe even an inch shorter. 
    Ash: ~Wow, I’ve grown a lot lately.~
    Then he looked closer.  She no longer sported a choppy, sideways ponytail, but rather a cute little preppy high ponytail that bounced lightly as they walked together.  It could match a cheerleader’s hair, only without the mass of curls and globs of hairspray.  But even in a ponytail, her coppery red hair glistened in the immense sunlight, giving her naturally alluring, shoulder length tresses a stunning glow.
    Ash [still looking dreamy eyed at Misty]: “Wow…”
    Misty finally took a sideways glance at Ash, but did a double take
when she saw his head turned toward her.  But he wasn’t looking at
her, exactly.  Just what was he gawking at?  Misty had just opened her
mouth to fuss at him when, as if Ash read her mind, he spoke out first.
    Ash: “Your hair.”
    Misty [extremely puzzled]: “Ash, what are you talking about?”
    Even Brock and Pikachu turned away from the receding light to listen, looking with very inquisitive looks.
    Ash: “Your hair. It looks like the sunlight.”
    The only response Misty could muster at first was a soft pink heat rising in her cheeks. 
    Misty: “Oh, really?”  Her tone wasn’t a sarcastic one.  She said it as if she really wanted to know.
    Ash: “Yeah, it’s like a penny that’s held in the sunlight.  It’s glowing with this, beautiful, coppery color… wait a minute.”
    Ash shook his head fiercely and snapped out of his trance, only to find a very interested Brock, a Pikachu about to die from holding back his exploding giggles, and a slightly discomfited Misty.
    Ash [sweat-dropping]: “Um, I mean, um, well, gee, uh, let’s see, uh, let’s keep going everybody.  I mean, um, we definitely wanna make it to a pokemon center or something before dark, right.  So, let’s go!”
    Whipping around on his feet, Ash burst out of there like a lightning bolt from a Zapdos, but…
    * Crash!BANG!Crunch! *
    He didn’t make it too far, after running straight into a large, rectangular wooden sign, banging his head on the ground when he fell down, and ripping off a small corner of the sign to take down with him.
    Ash [somewhat in pain]: “Uuuuuuuuhnn…”
    Misty, Brock, and Pikachu ran up to him.
    Misty [worried]: “Ash? Ash, are you ok?”
    Ash [sitting up and shaking his head]: “Yeah, I’m ok.”
    Misty [kneeling down beside him]: “Yeah, I mean gee, how could Mr. Undefeatable Pokemon Champion get seriously hurt from only ramming right into a wooden sign on a post and hitting his head on the concrete road.  [really sarcastic] Really, what was I thinking?”
    Brock and Pikachu just looked at each other.  From four years of experience, they knew that bombs were about to go off in every direction.
    Ash [being sarcastic too]: “Haha Misty, you’re so funny!  You should be a comedian.”
    Surprise, surprise.
    Brock and Pikachu [extremely perplexed, looking at Ash and Misty, then each other]: “Whaaa/Chaaa?”
    Misty: “Really, ya think? Yeah, I guess my funny side is about as natural as my beautiful, coppery hair, huh?”
    Ash blushed a little bit with Misty’s last comment, remembering his minute of truthfulness that almost blew his cover. 
    ~Where did that thought come from anyway? And that feeling? Weird…~
    Misty [waving her hand in front of his face]: “Yo! Earth to Ash.  This is Dugdrio 13 preparing for lift-off.  Bsssshhhht.  Ashton, we have a problem.  Come in. Over.”
    Ash looked up from his seat on the road and started giggling, completely forgetting her comment before. 
    Ash: “That’s a great impersonation there.  But easy with that Ashton stuff.”
    Ok, that was enough fun for one day.  Since Brock was the only one paying attention to reality, he noticed that the last rays of sunlight were quickly being engulfed by night, and they had maybe thirty minutes of light left before they must call it a day, no matter where they were.  That’s when he started to read the sign Ash ran into.
    Brock: “Hey guys, check this out.  This sign says:

                                                                                   Mt. Silver Landing
                                                                               Land of the Rising Sun
                                                                      Sister City of Vermillion in the East
                                                                                      2 miles ahead

    “A city that close? Alright!”
    Ash got up and helped Misty to her feet.  They all turned forward toward the road again and saw it, another dazzling sight of light, only this time the light illuminated a small city, with mountains looming behind it.  It sure was a sight for sore eyes after traveling the road for three days straight.
    Brock: “Now, if we walk at a brisk pace and [directing toward Ash and Misty] DON”T goof off, we can make it before dark and find a pokemon center to stay the night.  Ok? Guys?”
    Ash [bounding down the road]: “Last one there is a rotten eggxecute!”
    Misty [taking off after Ash]: “Hey, no fair you cheater. You got a head start!”
    Brock: [sweat-dropping]: ~Well, here we go again.~ “Hey guys, wait up!”
    Pikachu: “Chaaa…” 
    And with that, the trio and Pikachu ran for Mt. Silver Landing, unaware of the dangerous adventure waiting ahead...
Chapter 2
Back to Your Heart