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The One
Chapter 13
  It was a short walk down the corridor of the cave before the two saw the wire fence and the creatures trapped behind.  Only a few minutes later, a special sequence was activated and the wire was stripped away.  Now, it was up to them to make sure the beings did what they needed to do to save the others and to save themselves.
  Brock: "Listen, all of you, you're in danger!"
  Nothing.  The creatures weren't listening to him.  In fact, most of the high level, wild beasts looked as if they wanted to attack him.  It seemed as if his continuous efforts were futile.
  Brock: "Pikachu, they're not listening to me.  I don't know what we're going to do if this part of the plan doesn't go through."
  Pikachu: "Pikachu chu pi chu. Pika pikachu pikchu/ I'll talk to them. Maybe they'll listen to me."

  Meanwhile, back in the control room...
  Jessie: [near tears] "What is going to become of them?"
  James: "I don't know, but we did all we could."
  Meowth: "Those kids were good lil' twirps too."
  James: "Don't talk like that Meowth.  Knowing them, they'll have some legendary pokemon swoop out of the sky and save them or something."
  Meowth: "Yeah, or they'll cry and bring them all back to life. Heh heh."
  Jessie: [looking out the control room window] "Or they'll call upon a greater power inside themselves."
  James: "What?"
  Meowth: "That's never happened before.  I think you got your episodes mixed up or something."
  Jessie: "No, look out there!"
  Jessie, James, and Meowth gazed out of the window in disbelief and awe.
  Meowth: "Well this one surely takes the cake."
  James: "Speaking of cake, I'm hungry.  We should get take out tonight."
  Jessie: [giving everyone a jet pack] "We should get out of here right now!"
  James: "Wow, where did you get these so quickly?"
  Jessie: "I was a Bellasum Scout when I was little and they always come prepared.  Plus they were travel sized. Now, [revving her engine] are you two ready?"
  James/Meowth: "Ready."
  Jessie: "Team Rocket is..."
  Jessie/James/Meowth: [blasting through the roof and far away] "blasting off again!..."

  Pikachu: "Pikachu pikachu pika pika. Pika, pikacha./You have to help to save yourselves.  Please, help us."
  Brock: "Pikachu, look at them.  It's not working."
  Pikachu: "Pi, pikacha pik pikachu!/But, it has to work!"
  A blinding white light suddenly illuminated the dim cave where Brock and Pikachu were standing.  It faded just enough so one could see, but it continued to shine upon the pokemon and Brock.
  Brock: "Pikachu. [looking up to see Pikachu] Pikachu?"
  Brock and the other pokemon stared in awe as Pikachu floated right off the ground and stayed illuminated in the soft white light.  No one could rip their eyes away from him, or the shining goodness that radiated off of the little rodent and back onto his momentary worshipers. 
  In a sudden flash, several pokeballs erupted from the pack on Brock's back.  First Ash's pokemon joined Pikachu and they too emitted a soft golden hue.  Then Misty's followed, glowing blue for their water pokemon trainer, but slowly adapting to the gently spreading golden blanket that was being tucked in around every pokemon in that space.  Soon, all of the pokemon from Brock's pack and the wild pokemon alike were enveloped in the soft, powerful light, a mysterious light that reminded each pokemon of their duty to each other and to the power of goodness in the world.
  Pikachu: "Pika pika?/Will you help us?"
  They looked at each other, a moment at Brock, and back at Pikachu and nodded.  Together, they had a chance.  They set off to beat the evil as one unit, together.


  The same light was still shining from the recently attacked spot in the gym.  The monster looked at it somewhat confused and in its frustration was about to fire upon it again when a form began to take shape.  It was not of a magical object or of a pokemon.  The being came from the ruins around.  The light, still bright and magnificant but finally clear enough to discriminate, showed the truth, that the goodness came from none other than Ash.
  He stood, hovering just above the tallest rock in the room, arms at his sides, head slightly down, eyes lightly closed, and ebony tresses flowing as if there were a gentle breeze circulating in the air.  The serene figure woke, head slowly tilting up so that his pristine eyes could meet those of his foe.
  "This is the beginning of the end.  We end this today."     
Chapter 14
Back to Your Heart