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The One
Chapter 14
~I'm the only one who can do this.  I have to protect the pokemon, my friends, and my...~

  Misty: [raising her head up slowly, weakly] "Ash?..."
  Giovanni: [looking up toward Ash] "Ash.  He's the..."
  Brock: [opening the door between the cave and Giovanni's office] "Ash! He's going to save the pokemon.  He's the..."

I'll be the one...

Ash: [turning to Brock and the pokemon] "It's about time you all showed up. Now [turning back toward monster], we will set you free."

I guess you were lost when I met you
   Still there were tears in your eyes

Steelakazing opened his mouth wide to prepare another psychic attack.
  Ash: "Steelakazing! We don't want to hurt you; we want to help you!"
  The monster didn't listen.  The attack only grew more quickly in the monsterous bear's mouth.
  Steelakzing: [full of pain and misery] "RrrrrrrrAAAAAAH!/You will PAY!"

So out of trust, and I knew
   No more than mysteries and lies.

Ash: [turning to the pokemon] "Send me your strength and your power.  Help me help Steelakzing!"
  The pokemon roared and cheered in response, glowing stronger and brighter as they sent their golden lights to Ash.

There you were, wild and free
   Reaching out like you needed me

  Ash: [glowing brighter than ever] "Steelakazing."
  His eyes glazed as his body grew so brilliant that the piercing light blinded the room once more, sending a warm blanket of healing over every body in the room.

A helping hand to make it right
   I am holding you all through the night

Misty soaked in the warm, comforting light and suddenly, she felt strong again.  She sat upright, staring up at her savior high above her on the rocks, emitting the power light that healed all in the room.
  Misty: "Ash..."

I'll be the one
   Who will make all your sorrows undone

  Giovanni sat upright too, fully recovered from the blast that so recently attacked him.  He looked up to see his son again, and couldn't be more amazed at the strength he possessed. 
  He spotted Misty just across the room, and carefully crawled over to her.

I'll be the light.
   When you feel like there's nowhere to run

  Brock gazed upon his friend with amazment, in awe of his bravery and the respect he had from these pokemon, the creatures who were sending him all of their power and energy because they trusted him so much in saving them all.
  Pikachu looked on from his place beside Brock, glowing intensely with the other pokemon in his full effort to send his strength to aide in the fight.  He had never felt so much respect and love for his human friend than he had at that moment.

I'll be the one...
   To hold you and make sure that you'll be alright

Ash: [hand in the air] "Steelakazing.  Take in the power and love from your fellow pokemon.  Let their light heal your pain."

Cause my fear is gone
   And I want to take you from darkness to light

  Steelakazing stood for a moment, the psychic attack dead before it burst forth from its yielder, the bear-like beast paralized by the mesmerizing warmth of the light and Ash's words.
  'Let their light heal your pain.'
  ~Could this human be telling me the truth? All of these pokemon, and these humans, are here, for me?~

There you were, wild and free
   Reaching out like you needed me

  Ash: "Steelakazing. [growing weaker] Uhhh...please!"
  Steelakazing: ~Maybe he can help me...~

The helping hand to make it right
   I am holding you all through the night

  Steelakazing: [hands on head in agony] "RrrrrrrAAAAH!/NOOOOOO!"

I'll be the one

  Steelakazing: "Roooooooar!/All, LIES!"

The beast couldn't take the warmth and comfort, for it had known pain and misery for all too long.  It pushed the healing light back with a great force of strength toward the pokemon and the boy it had come from.  Healing couldn't be.  Vengence was for the taking.

Who will make all your sorrows undone

  Ash: [trembling from weakness] "Steelakazing...NO!"

I'll be the light

  Steelakazing: [psychic power forming rapidly in its mouth] "RrrrrAAggg,ROOOOOOAAARRR!/Dirty humans, now you will pay for my pain!"

When you feel like there's nowhere to run

The powerful psychic blast exploded out of Steelakazing's fangs in a fury of turquoise, a ball of energy charged with hatred that headed straight for the heart of the light of goodness, at Ash himself.
  Pikachu: "Pikapi!"
  Brock: "Aaaash!"
  Giovanni: "ASH, No!"

I'll be the one, to hold you

Misty: [screaming and beginning to glow] "NOOOOOOOO!!!"

   And make sure that you'll be alright...

The turquoise beam stopped still in the air.
  Everyone turned now to stare at Misty who had joined in the ranks of the pokemon and Ash by sharing her own light.  Her light burst forth in a spiraling tornado of shimmering coral that settled to show her illuminated with a strong pink glow.  Her closed eyes fluttered open and her hanging head raised up in awareness with the rest of her body, already standing and ready.
  The room grew deafeningly quiet in the short moment that followed, elongated by its powerful emotions and meaning.
  Misty looked up, up to meet the heavenly eyes of the one who gave her her power, into the eyes of the one who's power she restored with the strength that her light gave to him.

You need me, like I need you

  Misty climbed the rocks to meet him, completely unafraid of the danger of the trecherous terrain and the enemy capable of striking them down at any moment.  Her faith in him was many times stronger that her doubt in her fears.

We can share our dreams coming true

  Misty finally reached the top, taking her place beside the one she loved. 
I can show you what true love means

  Misty: [smiling sincerely] "I'm here, Ash."
  Ash: [smiling back] "I know."

Just take my hand, baby please

  Misty slipped her hand in Ash's
and the two clasped their hands together
tightly.  Immediately, Ash was enveloped in the same pink glow as Misty,
the light encircling him coming from within himself and her light simotaneously.
  Together, they turned their heads from eachother to gaze upon the monster
and the second turquoise blast that was headed their way.  Together, they
had a chance.

I'll be the one
   I'll be the light
   Where you can run
   To make it alright

  The turquoise blast was almost upon them.
  They squeezed their hands tighter and prepared for the worst, but faithful that their combined strength would make it through.

I'll be the one
   I'll be the light
   Where you can run...

  Giovanni: "Now is our chance.  [to Brock] If all the pokemon give everything they have right now, we can use this blast to save them and the creature!"
  Brock: "Right! [to the pokemon] Okay everybody.  Give it everything you got! NOW!"
  At that moment, all of the pokemon joined together to send out one tremendous ball of golden energy.  The light traveled from them directly to Ash and Misty, fusing together with their rosy glow to form one enormous, coral colored blinding ball of energy, energy created entirely out of love.

I'll be the one
   Who can make all your sorrows undone

  The turquoise psychic blast was no match for the tremendous power of love energy, and fused with the power from Ash and Misty...
  Ash/Misty: [hitting it back] "Go back!"
  The psychic power boomeranged back toward the monster, enhanced with the light of love.

I'll be the light
   When you feel like there's nowhere to run

   Steelakazing: [stepping back from shock] "RrrrAH?!/What?!"
   The aqua blast sped through the air, plumeting upon Steelakazing with rapid fire.

I'll be the one
   I'll be the light
   Where you can run
   To make it alright

  Ash: [with renewed strength] "Steelakazing...be healed!"
I'll be the one
   I'll be the light
   Where you can run...

Steelakazing: [paws reaching toward the sky] "RrrrAAAH!!!/NOOOOO!!!"

I'll be the one

Misty: [catching Ash as he falls to his knees] "ASH! Ash, are you okay?"

To hold you

  Ash: [weak, with rapid breaths] "I'm...okay.  Is Steel, Steelakazing...alright?"
  Misty: [holding him close, looking on at the monster] "He'll be okay Ash.  Don't you worry. [whispering] I'm here."

   And make sure that you'll be alright

  Steelakazing glowed with the brilliance of the power that Ash, Misty, and the pokemon sent forth.  With the power of love, Steelakazing split into three, the painful fusion reversed to set free the Steelix, Alakazam, and Ursuring that were trapped inside.  Thanks to trust and caring, the pokemon were saved.  And of course, it only happened because of the power inside of one incredible pokemon trainer, and the strength of the connection that he and another special trainer share for one another.  He always will be...

  I'll be the one.

Chapter 15
Back to Your Heart