Life in Thailand
Here are a few pictures from our first two weeks in Thailand.  They will give you a little idea of what we experience.  Enjoy!
In Pattaya at the Retreat Banquet.  We're all dressed up for the last night, but usually I find it too ward to wear a jacket.  Pattaya is very pretty and they have some amazing desitnation hotels, but it is also one of  the worst place in Thailand for the sex industry.  What you see here is profoundly disturbing.
Michelle, Cavelle and Jen at the market.  This huge market is about five city blocks long and hosts hundreds of thousands of people each weekend.  It's hot inside, but the deals are worth it.  If you want to get something you need and want it at an affordable cost it will be here. Anything from garden supplies to clothes, to pets to animals to eat!
The Bangkok Skytrain, how we get around much of the time.  We also use taxis and the bus.  The bus system is a lot more intijmidating right now, because you really have no idea where they are going.  The motorcycle taxi's look like a lot of fun, but they can be dangerous.  Most accidents involve the motorcycles. 
Our apartment will be the smaller one with the green roof.  The area has all classed of people from the rich Thai to the poor, from the foreigner to the local.  The area is very busy and off one of the most important roads in Thailand--Sukamvit.  This road reaches all the way north to Cambodia.