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Poetry, Writings and Rifts RPG info by Drew

W.gif (1149 bytes)elcome to Drew's homepage, I invite you enter now and delve into the experiences of my life. Over the years I have tested the waters of my talents in poetry, music, art and writing. Here you will also find information about some of my other interests such as the Rifts RPG and Palladium RPG roleplaying games from Palladium Books.

i.gif (1174 bytes)nside I have placed a collection of my work for your enjoyment. Share my writings and my art, but most of all the experiences that have impacted my life.

n.gif (1167 bytes)aturally, as with all good pages, more has been added to attempt to capture your interest. I could tell you what it is... but then would you go further? I'll let you decide.

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