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Becky Mantin
Welcome to the Current Buns minisite
for the ITV national weather presenter Becky Mantin.

Becky is not just your average weather forecaster, she also writes for the EDP Norfolk Magazine.  She also used to work for Norwich based radio station Radio Broadland and has also worked on Anglia's regional home interiors show Home Malone and also Animal Tales and Late Night Checkout for ITV1 Anglia.  In addition Becky has also been a reporter on ITV1's This Morning

On Friday 25th February 2005, Becky left Anglia for a full time job with the
ITV National weather team in London.

She has also presented forecasts for five and Sky News.

Video Captures by the.scanman, MIck, zwhizz and Sooty.

Many thanks to Becky for endorsing this site.

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