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We talk to the presenter who puts glamour in ITV1 regional weather
across the North of England.

Where are you from?
"I'm from Stroud in Gloucestershire"

Age? (very optional!!!)
"I'm 24"

Earliest memory?
"My earliest memory would be lying in my cot in Saudi Arabia, where we lived when I was very young and looking up at the large fan on the
ceiling and finding it fascinating."

Favourite place?
"My favourite place is Selfridges"

Favourite music?
"At the moment my favourite music is anything that makes me feel summery. Its been a shocking summer weather wise and a bit of salsa or latin jazz can take you away to sunnier climbs!"

First job?
"First job was in a delicatesssen, I had to handle lots of smelly cheese and went home on the first day with a rash from a cheeky
French fromage up my arm-nasty!"

Dream job?
"In my dreams I'd be a film star, my idol is Audrey Hepburn."

How did you get started in doing what you do?
"I got started in tv by going for a job advertised at my university ( My degree is in Media Studies) for trainee continuity announcer at YTV.
I didn't get the job but was offered weather presenter instead."

How long ago?
"I've been presenting the weather for three years."

Where would you have been seen or heard since you
started broadcasting?
"I can be seen regularly presenting the weather for ITV Yorkshire, Granada, Border and Tyne Tees. I can also be seen cavorting round derelict buildings and along rivers for programmes as well as investigating personal health issues for progs I have presented for ITV Granada."

Best on-air moment?
"One of my fondest memories in this job was a surprise birthday cake and celebration live on air on Calendar News during a piece I was presenting at a bakery in Hull. The cake was in the shape of the British isles and had weather symbols alll over it. I was really chuffed."

Worst on-air moment (embarrassing or otherwise)?
"One of the trickiest moments so far would have been when covering a strong winds story live into the studio from the top of a hill in Huddersfield. It was one of the first outside broadcasts I did and I could not hear a word Geoff Druett ( the presenter) was saying or what he was asking me. I can't even bear to think about how silly I looked and sounded as the rain and wind pelted me from all angles. Ah the glamour of television!"

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