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In The Hot Seat
Where are you from? "Howwood (little village outside of Johnstone)"

"Guess.... (and we'll leave it there...)"

Favourite music?
"I love most chart stuff, sucker for Boybands
and anything by REM & the Corrs."

First job?

Best job?
"My first presenting Job here at Q96
(can you believe they let me loose on air?)"

Dream job?
"Already In it!!!!"

How did you get started in doing what you do?
"I used to work at reception at Clyde 1 so I picked up some hints there. Then I won a competition called 'Search for a Star' on Q96"

How long ago?
"March 2004"

Where would you have been seen or heard since you
started broadcasting?
"I am on Q96 6-10am weekdays all over Renfrewshire!!"

Best on-air moment?
"When I had a fit of the giggles and couldn't speak."

Worst on-air moment (embarrassing or otherwise)?
"When interviewing a Crime Prevention Officer and asked why he had brought a 'Big Thingy' with him.(It was the mobile roadshow Unit!!!)"

Any ambitions left?
"To go to Egypt"

Biggest influence in your life?
"Mum & Dad"

Best advice that you've been given and why?
"If you want it go for it...what can I say it has worked for me!"

Any hobbies or special interests?
"I am a member of Johnstone Phoenix Theatre Group so come see me in panto at Xmas time!!! I also do a wee bit of TV extra work.
I was in the Balamory Panto episode."

Any advice for those who want to get started in radio?
"Send in Demo's and see if you can volunteer at weekends etc. You might have to do unpaid work for a while. Don't give up!!!! Maybe check out the media courses at the local college also."

Thanks to Mhairi for answering our questions,
listen Saturdays 6-9am on Q96.

Questions used with kind permission of
Mick's World.

Copyright: Mhairi Heron/Martin Phillp 2004