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Where are you from?
"Rhos on Sea in Sunny North Wales"

Age? (very optional!!!)
"Born on the 5th of February 1982, so that makes
me 23 (Always open to presents and cards)"

Earliest memory?
"Can't remember what I had for breakfast let alone
years ago."

Favourite place?
"In bed on a Sunday morning"

Favourite music?
"Anything that makes me shake my ass"

Any special qualifications/achievements that you're proud of?
"I'm qualified in first aid and have a motorbike licence. I
also spent some time with a circus. Jumping on a trampoline without a sports bra can prove quite tricky."

First job?
"See best job"

Best job?
"Performing as a Troll in a dance troupe touring the country
AND being paid for it!!! As a 12 year old you really believe you are destined for stardom."

How did you get started in doing what you do?
"I had just been to the job centre as I was newly unemployed and straight out of college. I was waiting for a lift outside the local radio station, decided to pop in and ask about jobs. The rest we say is history. (Proves you don't have to go to uni for 3 years doing a Media Degree)"

How long ago?
"5 years"

Best on-air moment?
"See worst on air moment."

Worst on-air moment (embarrassing or otherwise)?
"Trying to say I'm Katrina 'Tight Top' Cameron but instead saying I'm Katrina 'Tight C*ck' Cameron at 8.15am on a Monday morning."

Any ambitions left?
"Yes thank you."

Biggest influence in your life?
"'Queen Bea' (Top Dog Bea Smith) from Prisoner Cell Block H. Proves you can be ginger, wear dungarees and still be respected."

Best advice that you've been given and why?
"Stop, Look and Listen. WHY? Well I haven't been run over yet!!"

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