Colin's 1974 Z-28 Restoration Page

April 2002

My Z-28 in the process of subframe restoration

Hi! This is my website dedicated to restoring my 74' Z-28. I purchased this car last November. This car had been sitting for 12 years and it had no engine or transmission. I started the restoration with the subframe and I replaced all bushings with the Energy Suspension Polyeurethane subframe bushings and control arm bushings. I also replaced the front springs with Suspension Techniques heavy duty Z-28 springs. For paint I used POR-15 on the subframe and control arms. I found working with the POR-15 very good. It is an amazing product and I would highly recommend it to anybody doing a restoration of this kind.

These pictures of my completed subframe were taken the day before the car went to the bodyshop.

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I would like to have this car completed by June but I'm afraid that won't be a realistic goal as there is a lot more work than I had intitially planned. I will be posting more pictures on this website as the restoration progresses. I would like to thank the SGOG(Second Generation Owners Group)and Mad Mike for maintaining the best Second Generation Camaro website on the net.

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