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Guys 'n Gals, In August 2000 the golden days at CDAC were over and we were separated to begin our individual voyages. Most of us are happy in their jobs and hopefully are able to fulfill our commitments and as they say - to boldly go where no software professional has gone before.

Your friendly neighborhood site was made in August 2000. Thanks for the encouragement and affection, friends. We look forward to continued support, patronage and your suggestions for improvement.

The site contains the contact addresses and email IDs of our Bichhde friends which we hope will help you in sharing your thoughts and to keeping in touch with whenever your memory starts ditching you in remembering their email IDs.

This site though your more active support and participation. Tell me what you expect and how you can contribute. Advice us to get the most of this site. Let us not leave this site to be a simple 'List of People'.


Click here to visit the Photo Gallery (thanks to Satish k.Dusi). Send me more pictures (<50 KB please) that would revive the memories of those beautiful 6-months.

New Our eGroup

We are pleased to inform that now we also have our own eGroup at Many have joined and the rest are requested to join at earliest. To join the eGroup send email at address mentioned below or use this form. The eGroup is meant for alumni of CDAC Indore, Feb-Aug 2000 batch only. Please note the following email addresses:

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Wish-list for future?

We want to include skills, present employer, active email id of all alumni and remove unnecessary data from the list. A more ambitious feature would be to include a search based on Skills, Qualification etc. Alumni are requested to email me their updated resume immediately.

Do visit Look for our institution-Center for Advanced Computing, Indore there. You can enter your details as you follow the instructions in the site. This site has a good search facility too that may help you locate/get updated about any particular friends. Off course that would happen only if would keep on updating your details by regularly visiting the site.

And ufcourse, you are always welcome to visit the ultimate guru

You are invited to sign the guest book, which is just a click away. Also see the guest book to know what others have to say about the site and other things. We solicit your comments and suggestions for improvement and additions to the site.

Good luck for all your future endeavors. Keep in touch. 


What is CDAC?

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) 
is a scientific society of the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India. It is India's national initiative in Advanced Computing with a mission to deliver the state-of-art open architecture Parallel Supercomputers in the teraflop range for scientific, engineering and business applications. In fulfillment of this goal, C-DAC has advented the 'Open Frame Architecture' for flexible Supercomputing which has been realized in its celebrated 'PARAM' series of Supercomputers. The Success of C-DAC's efforts helped India retain its eminent position in the select league of Supercomputing nations. C-DAC through its GIST Technology rendered all Indian languages on personal computers.

CDAC Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS)

A major spin-off of the high tech mission is the high quality Intellectual Resource Base that has emerged at C-DAC in the form of an expert team and its specialized knowledge of various facts of Advanced Computing. With this precious resource base at its command, C-DAC established the Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) to meet the training needs of the existing and prospective users and students of advanced computing and information technology 

C-DAC is committed to nation building through its Advanced Computing Training School and a nationwide network of its own centres and its Authorized Training Centres wherein hundreds of students and professionals are being trained in higher value skills in frontline tools and methodologies in information technology. ACTS regularly offers the Diploma in Advanced Computing, (DAC), a course focused on the existing users of Computers who wishes to venture out into the world of Advanced Computing. The contents of the course have been designed keeping in view the emerging trends in advanced computing as well as the contemporary and futuristic human resource requirements of the IT Industry.

See Also..What They teach at ACTS..


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Important Announcement (Tell others also)

It's time we should update our database. Please send me the updated email-ids, skills-list and present employer of you and others with a copy of your bio-data.  If you have active public email Id of CDAC friends send it to me immediately.

Should we remove the postal addresses from the list. Do tell me?  So rush to me the a copy/URLs of your latest resumes at the earliest.


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Well, we just have the answer for you. Type in the name of your friend below, press the button and see your wish fulfilled in a jiffy.


What they teach at ACTS..

Compulsory Modules :

Operating System Concepts
User Interface Design
Data Communication and Networking-I
Object Oriented Technology
Software Engineering
Win32 Programming
Business Computing-I (Oracle8.0,Developer 200,PowerBuilder)
Programming in Visual Basic
Programming in Java
Programming in Visual C++ with MFC
Web Development (ASP)

Elective Modules:

COM Programming
Business Computing-II
Data Communication and Networking-II
Advanced Unix Programming


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[Important Notice: This mailing list is meant only for the alumnus of CDAC Indore who completed their DAC in 2000 and whose name appears in the list here. Other CDAC aspirants, please understand that there is no point in joining this list if you are expecting any discussion on the DAC exam, its preparation or job notices. This list is only meant for the Alumnus to keep in touch with each other. Hope you would appreciate this! Visit CDAC's site for details on the exam and for details on how to prepare for DAC.]


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