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In 1994 I put two websites online, The Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page and A Writer's Journey, my personal home page. Both were among the first websites on the Internet for and by a screenwriter and playwright. (The former looked like this, from a site that archived portions of it.)

The former was especially well received and became a classic in the fields of screenwriting and playwriting. In his 1997 book, Gary Gach wrote, "Charles Deemer should win an Oscar for best screenwriters' Web site, but the Academy hasn't come to grips with the Internet yet." But all good things usually come to an end.

In the summer of 2001, due to circumstances beyond my control, I reluctantly removed each of these pioneering websites. The new website here is its modest replacement. Here I include some basic information about screenwriting and playwriting. (I teach screenwriting at Portland State University).

At the top of this page are links to Screenwright, my electronic screenwriting tutorial; to my blog; to my literary archive; and to Oregon Literary Review, which I edit. Check them out.

Writer and Teacher
Author, Seven Come Eleven: Stories and Plays, 1969-1999
Screenwright: the craft of screenwriting
"the bible of screenwriting for the novice"
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