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Mounted infantry rules for Battle Cry.

J. Overton

Mounted infantry units, or cavalry units effectively used as such, were some of the most innovative and effective used during the U.S. Civil War. Many recognized that the tactics of the massed cavalry charge , lightly armed by highly exposed riders on horses charging into well-defended infantry or artillery positions, was not always the best use for soldiers on horses. Commanders like Nathan Bedford Forrest , unschooled in traditional military strategies and organization, but with a keen sense of terrain and genius for using the principles of warfare which they had never been taught, often used their cavalry as mounted infantry. Troops could get from place to place quickly by horses, then dismount as needed to fight with greater accuracy and less exposure to enemy fire. They could also function in traditional cavalry roles, fighting from horseback, screening movements of large combat formations, reconnaissance, and as reserve units to be used as shock troops at crucial times in battle.

Mounted infantry units were used in several battles played in Battle Cry, and could be used in additional battle scenarios of the players design. On the battle field, the unit will consist of one flagged infantrymen and two other infantry pieces, as opposed to the usual four piece unit. A campaign token flag will travel with the unit to differentiate it from regular infantry. The units may function as cavalry or as modified infantry, although not in the same round. Mounted infantry may be played as cavalry for cavalry-specific Command cards, such as Hit and Run, or fire at a distance as infantry for cards like Fire and Hold. As cavalry, mounted infantry may move 3 spaces per turn, but can only battle a unit in an adjoining hex. As infantry they may move one hex and fire, but due to lighter weapons and less personnel, as up to 1 in 4 troops must be kept in the rear to control the horses, their fire rates are as follows.

  1. 1 hex away- 3 dice rolled
  2. 2 hexes away-2 dice rolled
  3. 3 hexes away-1 dice rolled.
Mounted infantry are killed when they opposing player rolls infantry, but not cavalry icons.

The author writes in memory of his three ancestors who served in Company 'I', 7th Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment, U.S.A.

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