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... And Is Never Seen Again - Encounters while adventuring in the environs of Ubonga

by Chris Ferree

Trekking through the uncharted wilderness is always a dangerous undertaking. It's not only the natives that may be hostile, but the environment is hazardous as well. Wild animals, disease carrying insects, tangled jungles, quicksand, rapids, and a variety of other obstacles lie within the path of the ardent adventurer.

The following rules are used to generate and resolve the unexpected dangers encountered while making excursions through the wilderness.

Determining If An Encounter Occurs- Parties that begin the turn outside the Ubonga square must check for an encounter. At the beginning of the turn roll 1D6 for each party outside Ubonga. If a "1" is rolled then an encounter occurs. For each encounter roll 1D10 on the table for the terrain type that the party occupies. Find the result on the table and resolve the encounter.
Wilderness Encounters Table - Mountains
1 One randomly determined porter slips and falls to his death from the narrow mountain path. His load is lost.
2 1D6 + 10 baboons attack the camp. They start 2D6 inches away in a randomly determined direction.
3 There is no path through this area of mountains. Mark the square as impassable.
4 Lost! The party is moved 1D3 squares in a randomly determined direction.
5 The cold has made 1D6 party members sick. Randomly determine who is sick.
6 3D6 Chimpanzees raid the camp. They are found in the food stores. Each chimp will take 1D6 units of food unless shot.
7 A porter steps off into the bush to relieve himself and is confronted by 1D6 Mountain Gorillas. They will be 1D6 inches from the porter (each in a randomly determined direction) and the party will be 2D6 inches from the nearest gorilla. Roll 1D6 for the porters action:
  • 1-2 (A)Remain still and quiet.
  • 3-4 (B)Back away slowly.
  • 5-6 (D) Run for his life!
If the gorillas charge or the porter runs then the party will be alerted to their presence.
8 Avalanche! Huge boulders come crashing down the mountain side. Roll 1D6 for each member of the party. If a "1" is rolled that person is caught in the landslide. Roll 1D6 for each person caught:
  1. person is OK but his load is lost. (His load is anything carried i.e. suplies, trade goods, gun, etc.)
  2. The person is injured, but his load is saved.
  3. The person is injured and his load is lost.
  4. The person is severely injured, but his load is saved.
  5. The person is severely injured and his load is lost.
  6. The person is killed and his load is lost.
Note: Severely injured men add "2" to their roll on the injury table.
9 A porter eats some strange berries and dies.
0 A porter stumbles on the trail and drops his load. It tumbles down the mountainside and is lost.

Wilderness Encounters Table - Jungle
1 Voodoo signs mark danger in the next square. The Porters will not enter that square for the rest of the mission.
2 A python drops from the trees above on to a randomly determined member of the party. The snake can not be shot without hitting its victim. Up to 2 persons may attack the python with their knives. For each attack roll 1D6:
  • 1-3 missed.
  • 4 Snake hit.
  • 5 Snake hit and person nicked.
  • 6 person hit.
At the end of each round, add the total number of hits on the snake to the roll of 1D6. If the result is 10 or more the snake ois killed.

For each round that the python has the person, roll 1D6:

  • 1- The person is killed.
  • 2- The person is injured.
  • 3-5- The person is held, but not hurt
  • 6- The person escapes.
Note: 3 nicks equals 1 injury. For every 3 injuries add "1" to the person's injury roll.
3 Lost! can not move this tun.
4 A randomly determined porter wanders from the path and is never seen again. His load is lost.
5 A leopard attacks a randomly determined person in the party. The 4 nearest armed members may attempt to shoot the cat with a snap shot before it hits its victim.
6 1D6 members of the party become sick after being bitten by insects.
7 2D6 elephants come crashing through camp. 1D6 loads of supplies are destroyed. The elephants will charge the nearest person.
8 Bad omens are seen by the porters. 1D6 porters put down their loads and disappear into the jungle and are never seen again.
9 1D6 party members become sick after eating some fruit found in the jungle. Roll on the Sickness Table for each affected man
0 A randomly determined party member fall down a hill and is injured. Roll on the Injury Table.

Wilderness Encounters Table - Swamp
1 1D6 party members fall into quicksand! Each turn roll 1D6 for each person in the quicksand and add 1 for each turn that the individual is in the mire. If the result is "6" or more the person is sucked under and is never seen again. Men not in the quicksand may help those trapped. Roll 1D6 for each person stuck adding 1 for each man helping. If a 6 is rolled the person is saved, but his load is lost.
2 Noxious swamp gases overcome 1D6 members of the party. Roll 1D6 for each person affected:
  • 1-2 The person staggers out of the toxic cloud without his load. He is coughing violently but will be allright.
  • 3-4 The victim crawls forward, out of the cloud then collapses. He will have to be carried for 1D3 days. (his load is left in the cloud)
  • 5-6 The party member passes out in the deadly cloud.Roll 1D6 adding "1" for each turn that the man is down in the gas. if a "6" is rolled the man is dead.

    If anyone goes in to rescue their fallen comrade, they must check to see if they suscumb to the noxious gas. Roll 1D6 if a "6" is rolled then the would-be rescuerer falls victim to the poisonus gas. Add one to the rescuerers roll for each turn he goes in the cloud.

3 A large crocodile is bearing down on one of the porters. The nearest party member with a rifle has one chance to shoot (snap shoot) the beast. One hit will drive off the croc.
4 An enraged Hippopotamus charges a random member of the party from 2D6 inches away.
5 A randomly determined porter steps off into a deep hole and is never seen again.
6 Some porters carelessly placed their loads on the ground. 1D6 x 10 units of food are ruined.
7 1D6 members of the party contract swamp fever. Roll for each on the Sickness Table.
8 The muck and the mire of the swamp are so great that it will take an extra day to cross the square. Do not move this turn.
9 The porters say that a huge swamp creature lives in the next square and they will not enter the square.
0 A randomly determined party member is stung by an insect and becomes sick. Roll on the Sickness Table.

Wilderness Encounters Table - Veldt
1 Grass Fire! the party must move 90 degrees (or more) from their intended line of march. Roll 1D6, if a "6" is rolled then the party must abandon their supplies to escape.
2 While trekking through the tall grass, the party is charged by 2 rhinoseros. Randomly determine the man who is the target of the charge and the direction they are coming from. They start 3D6 inches away.
3 A stampede crashes through the camp. 1D6 men are injured and 1D6 loads of supplies are destroyed.
4 A porter falls behind pulling a thorn from his foot (he's 3D6 inches behind the last man in the group). The nearest armed person looks back in time to see a lion charging the straggler. He has time for one snap shot at the lion before its on the porter.
5 Locust desend on the square devouring all of the fodder. Every pack animal, if any, will have to be be fed 5 units of food. 1 randomly determined man goes crazy from the bugs and runs away, never to be seen again.
6 The porters have heard a rumor of an elephant's graveyard two squares away in a randomly determined direction. They refuse to go on unless the story is checked out. When the square is reached, roll 1D6, if a "6" is rolled an elephants graveyard is found. If the graveyard is found, the porters will abandon their loads to carry ivory home.

If nothing is found the mission may continue.

7 A herd of buffalo (2D6 animals) are at the only watering hole in the area. The buffalo are 3D6 inches from the party and the water is 1D6 past the herd.
8 A porter drops out of line and is never seen again. His load is lost also.
9 1D6 members become sick after being bitten by tse-tse flies. Roll on the Sickness Table
0 The trail leads right over a warthog den. 2D6 angry warthogs attack the party.

Wilderness Encounters Table - Desert
1 Sandstorm! No movement this turn. Roll 1D6 for each member of the party. If a "6" is rolled that member is lost in the storm and is never seen again.
2 A porter is stung by a scorpion and dies.
3 A porter's water bag is defective ansd all of his water is lost.
4 A dry waterhole is found. Water might be found by digging in the depression. If the day is spent digging (no movement) then roll 1D6:
  • 1-3 Water is found. All of the water bags can be filled.
  • 4 Enough water is found for 1 day.
  • 5,6 No water is found.
5 1D6 men (randomly determined) collapse from the heat. If they are given an extra ration of water they may be revived.
6 1D6 men (randomly determined)and all animals become sick after drinking from a toxic waterhole.
7 A whirlwind tears through the party. Randomly determine a member of the party. That person and any others within 2" of him are affected. Roll 1D6 for each person hit:
  • 1-2 Knocked down but not hurt
  • 3-4 Knocked down. Unhurt but supplies are destroyed if carried.
  • 5 Person injured but supplies are undamaged.
  • 6 The person is injured and his supplies destroyed.
Roll for those injured on the Injury Table
8 A group of mounted bandits are seen disappearing over the horizon. Later at camp, it is noticed that one porter and his load are missing and will never be seen again.
9 One porter with a full load of water deserts (with the water) and is never seen again.
0 The heat causes 1D6 x 10 rations to spoil.

Wilderness Encounters Table - On River
1 A randomly determined porter falls into the river and loses his load. If the porter is in a canoe, then half the cargo (randomly determined) in the canoe is lost.
2 One party member (randomly determined) is siezed by a giant crocodile and is never seen again. If a porter is taken, his load may be retrieved. For anyone going into the water after the supplies roll 1D6. If a "1" is rolled this person is also attacked by a croc. Up to 4 people may take a snap shot to save him.
3 2D6 Hippos are found 2D6 inches away. Choose an action for the party:
  1. Stop and hold the current position.
  2. Slowly move away from the herd.
  3. Start shooting at the animals.
  4. Move quickly away.
see the "Encounters With Dangerous Game" rules to determine the reactions of the hippos.

If a hippo charges a canoe and makes contact then roll 1D6:

  • 1,2 The canoe remains upright but the men in it can not shoot this turn.
  • 4-6 The canoe is upset and all of the men and supplies are dumped into the river. Supplies not retrieved in 4 turns are lost. Supplies drift downstream 1D6 inches per turn.
4 Rapids are encountered! (roll again if in swamp or in a previously discovered square) If moving upstream the supplies and canoes will have to be carried overland around the rapids. It takes 2 men to carry an empty canoe. One load per man per day can be moved past the rapids.

If moving downstream the party has the option of moving overland as above, or shooting the rapids in the boats. For each canoe shooting the rapids roll 1D6:

  • 1,2 Made it without mishap
  • 3 Lost 1D6 loads of supplies (randomly determined).
  • 4 Lost 1D6 loads of supplies and 1 person (randomly determine supplies and person).
  • 5 Lost all supplies and 1D3 men (randomly determne).
  • 6 Canoe is destroyed, all supplies and people.
If a river with a rapids has to be crossed roll 1D6 for each party member:
  • 1-2 Made it across without mishap.
  • 3 Made it across but lost his load.
  • 4 Swept downstream. Lost his load and must try to cross again (reroll for this persion).
  • 5 Swept downstream. Lost his load and is injured.
  • 6 Swept downstream and is dashed on the rocks. The person is dead.
5 A porter goes down to the river for water and is never seen again.
6 1D6 war canoes are found hidden on the river bank.
7 A randomly determined party member is bitten by a water snake. Roll 1D6 (subtract "1" if treated with medicine):
  • 1-2 Feverish for 1D3 days, can walk without a load.
  • 3-4 Deathly ill for 1D6 days. Must be carried.
  • 5-6 The person dies
8 1D6 party members become sick after being swarmed by mosquitoes at the rivers edge.
9 The landing/crossing is covered with crocodiles. Shooting at them will clear the bank, but there may be one hidden in beneath the river bank. Roll 1D6 for each party member that passes near the river:
  • 1-4 Nothing happens
  • 5,6 Croc attacks.
There can be only one attack in a turn.
0 A porter falls into the river and loses his load.

Injuries- If a man is injured but no effect is listed roll 1D6 below:

Men who must be carried will have to walk for half the number of days that they were carried (round up).

Sickness- If a man becomes sick roll 1D10 below.

Subtract 1 if the person is treated with a unit of medicine.

Combat With Animals To determine the outcome of encounters with dangerous animals, use the Hunting Encounter rules. Below are the characteristics for the animals that may be encountered when using the above tables.

Animals Reactions To The Party's Action
Baboon Chimpanzee Gorilla

Charge 1 1 1 1-2 1 1 1 1 1-2 1-3 1-2 1-2
Do Nothing 2-4 2-5 n/a 3-5 2-3 2-4 n/a 2-4 3-5 4,5 n/a 3-5
Move 1D6"
5,6 6 2-3 6 4,5 5 2 5,6 6 6 3,4 6
Run Away n/a n/a 4-6 n/a 6 6 3-6 n/a n/a n/a 5,6 n/a
Leopard Crocodile Wart Hog

Charge 1-2 1-2 1 1-3 1-4 1,2 1-3 1 1-3 1,2 1-3 1,2
Do Nothing 3-4 3-4 n/a 4,5 5 3,4 n/a 2-4 4,5 3,4 n/a 3,4
Move 1D6"
5 5 2,3 6 6 5,6 4-5 5,6 6 5,6 3,4 5,6
Run Away 6 6 4-6 n/a n/a n/a 6 n/a n/a n/a 5,6 n/a

Movement- When determining movement order, the black cards represent the animal(s) and red cards are for the party. When a card is drawn, it is for the movement of one person or one animal only.

Movement Rates-

Animal's Reaction To Being Shot - When an animal gets shot it will make one of two actions. It will either charge or run away. Use the table below to determine the animals reaction.
Animal's Reaction
To Being Shot
Animal Charge Run Away
Baboon 1-2 3-6
Chimpanzee 1 2-6
Gorilla 1-3 4-6
Leopard 1,2 3-6
Crocodile 1-5 6
Wart Hog 1-3 4-6

Knock Down- If a single hit does enough damage it can knock an animal off of its feet. An animal that is knocked down will lose 4 dice of movement on its next turn. Animals that have 4 or less dice can only stand up on the turn after they have been knocked down. The table below lists the amount of damage needed to knock down an animal
Knock Down Table
Animal Damage
Baboon 3
Chimpanzee 3
Gorilla 6
Leopard 5
Crocodile 7
Wart Hog 3

Accululated Damage- This is a total of all the damage that the animal takes during the encounter. Each turn after an animal takes damage (every turn if at Damage Level 4 or 5), Roll on the Survival Table to determine if the animal lives.

Survival Table
Roll Needed To Live
1-5 1-4 1-3 1-2 1
Baboon 1-5 6-9 10-12 13-14 15+
Chimpanzee 1-5 6-9 10-12 13-14 15+
Gorilla 6-11 12-17 18-23 24-29 30+
Leopard 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25+
Crocodile 7-13 14-20 21-27 28-34 35+
Wart Hog 1-5 6-9 10-12 13-14 15+
Damage Level 1 2 3 4 5
In addition to the chance of death, an animal will lose 1D6 of its movement dice for each damage level.

Melee Dice Table
Animal Die Used
Baboon D6
Chimpanzee D6
Gorilla D12
Leopard D10
Wart Hog D8

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